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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Become mayor of Bowerstone North" (PC)


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Become mayor of Bowerstone North

To become the Mayor of Bowerstone North, do the following. When you arrive at Bowerstone North, after completing the Arena, you will be encounter a guard who says that there is a raving lunatic locked up in the jailhouse and not to talk to him. Talk to him. He says that he wants to overthrow Lady Gray. Agree to his plan. First, talk to the man that is by the Demon Door in Barrow Fields. He will tell you that he used to flash the lamp three times out by the stables by the Grey house to have Amanda go to see him there. Go to the Grey House and do that. An intermission sequence that shows Amanda's spirit walking to the cellar will play. Go to the cellar and listen to Amanda's sprit. Lady Grey will find you after you talk to Amanda. Refuse her request to marry her. Return to Bowerstone North and talk to the guard that talked to you earlier. He will ask if you want to be mayor. Say "Yes" and you will become mayor of Bowerstone North.

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