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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Bordello in Darkwood Lake" (PC)


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Bordello in Darkwood Lake

Go to Darkwood Lake and look for a door with a sign in front of it that reads "Darkwood Bordello now open for business". Enter the area and a woman named Madame Minzche will say that she was looking forward to a hero arriving. You will later learn the house has prostitutes in it. To take control of the house for the better (or keep it as a house of prostitution), give Gropoe a few beers bought from the nearby bartender. He will get drunk and go upstairs to his bed. You will automatically follow him upstairs to his bed. While he is asleep you will hear him mumble where he hid the Bordello deeds. Dig it up near the big tree next to the statue and talk to Madame Minzche. Gropoe will get mad and leave, and Madame Minzche will ask you if you could change it into a refuge for fallen women. Say whatever desired, depending on what alignment points you want. Note: Weapons and spells are banned from the Bordello.

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