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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Character development hints" (PC)


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Character development hints

-When starting the game, do many good deeds to get your good alignment filled. Also, keep saving money to purchase full plate mail (or buy piece by piece). This will serve until you have the best armor in the game. When you have full plate mail, save another 83,000 gold. After that, go to Bowerstone North. Enter the item shop and he will be selling the Solus Greatsword. This is the best weapon in the game and kills most enemies in two or three hits. To get the best bow in the game, Skorm's bow, you need to be very good (halo above your head). Hire three henchmen to follow you and bring them to the Chapel of Skorm. Then, sacrifice them. If you are evil, you have to sacrifice ten or eleven henchmen. While you are saving money, also max out Physique, Health, and Toughness (in that order). You can add points into toughness, Health and Physique at the same time but make sure Physique is maxed out before Health, and make sure Health is maxed out before Toughness. After defeating Jack of Blades for the first time, all these attributes should be maxed out and you will do amazing damage, have lots of health, and have skin as tough as stone. While saving money and maxing out those three attributes, also collect Silver Keys. After you have twenty-five keys, you can get the best armor in the game. First, go to the Necropolis, when you do the Necropolis quest. Go across the bridge and turn right. There should be two chests. In the chest which requires twenty-five keys, there is Arkon's helm, chest plate, gloves, legs and boots. You should now have the strongest weapon in the game (Solus Greatsword), the best bow in the game (Skorm's Bow), the best armor in the game (Arkon's) and have maxed out Physique, Health and Toughness.

-Start with a bad warrior and get plenty of strength experience. Do this by completing the first wasp quest, then do the Beardy Baldy quest in Bowerstone Quay. When he is running, beat him up non-stop for multiple days until you have well over 100,000 Strength experience. Then, level your character up. Take a pilgrimage through Darkwood, then to Oakvale. While you are there, purchase a spade. Quickly go back through Darkwood and return to the Hobbe caves. Before you enter, buy lots of potions and meat and sell your villager suit. Wear your apprentice robe. Make sure that you have the Iron Katana. Once you're sure that you are ready, kill some Hobbes. Do this until you are halfway to the good from your full evil alignment. If you still want to be evil, kill some traders or raid some towns. After you have gotten that far, proceed until you are at a very good Renown status, then continue the game as usual.

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