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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Dark Wizard and Bright Wizard hats" (PC)


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Dark Wizard and Bright Wizard hats

To get the Dark Wizard and Bright Wizard hats, do not pick up any books until you get to the Find The Archaeologist quest. Start the quest, then teleport to Bowerstone South. Get the following books and donate them to the school: A Love Story, The Pale Balverine, The Tale Of Maxley, The Tale Of Twinblade, Eyes Of A Killer, The Guild Of Zeroes, The Repentant Alchemist, The Sock Method, and You Are Not A Bad Person. These can all be found in Bowerstone South. If cannot find all of those books, go to the guild and Hero save the game. Then, search the book shelves for those books. When you have all of those books, donate them to the school. You should now have the Dark Wizard Hat. Next, Hero save the game, then load your game. Start the Find The Archaeologist quest again and get any books other than those and donate them. You will get a Bright Wizard hat. You will now have both hats and can get the Bright Wizard suit from Rose Cottage, and the Dark Wizard suit form Darkwood Marsh.

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