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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Earth and Rock Trolls strategies" (PC)


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Earth and Rock Trolls strategies

-When a troll appears, use the Assassin Rush to get behind it. Use Multi Strike repeatedly to damage it. When the troll uses its attack to knock you away, before it hits the ground use Assassin Rush again. If done correctly, you will not be hurt, however the hero will flash red as if you were hit.

-When a Rock Troll hurls a rock at you, wait until it is just about to hit you, then swing your weapon at it. The rock will fly back at the troll and cause approx. 450 damage.

-This trick stops the Rock Troll from doing its jump attack. It requires Assassin's Rush, Stop Time and Physical Shield (for no damage). When facing a Rock Troll, use Stop Time then Assassin's Rush. Hit the

-To easily kill Earth and Rock Trolls, make sure you have a good bow, Multi Arrow (the higher the level the better), and Slow Time (again, the higher the better). When the troll shows up, use Slow Time and take out your bow. Next, use Multi Arrow and fully draw back the arrow. Let them fly. You can kill the weaker ones in one shot and the stronger ones in three.

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