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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Forever young hints" (PC)


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Forever young hints

-During the "Find The Archaeologist" quest, it is possible to get about 50,000 gold to the Temple of Avo and five to ten years of youth. Hero Save and go back and do this all over again. Note: You will need tons of gold for this. Leave some experience points for other level ups, because the effect will not be seen until you level up a few skills, World Save, and reload the game. If you have the experience points and master the last of your skills, you should be young forever.

- This trick is similar to obtaining both wizard hats. First, you cannot have gone beyond the "Find the Archaeologist" quest because this is your source of power with the Hero Save. That quest alone can help you collect any item in your limited progress of Albion's map, as many times as desired (including Silver Keys). As long you have not collected them before you start this quest. Obtain an excess of money. Do this in your travels from the start of the game up to the "Find the Archaeologist" quest. Buy as many emeralds from town and traveling merchants as possible. Once you have at least fifteen emeralds with no training of Guile, sell all of them to a trader who has at least fifteen or more emeralds of his own. Buy them back. They should be cheaper. Repeat this until you have bought him out. You can now cycle back and forth, buying and selling the same emeralds but making a profit. The more emeralds, the faster the profit. Next, start the "Find the Archaeologist" quest, entering the Witchwood Cullis Gate with an excess of 200,000 gold. Make your way to the Temple of Avo and make sure you are wearing some evil clothing, as this saves you money. Drop about 50,000 to 100,000 gold into the temple donation. You will get either the Sentius or the Youth blessing. Once blessed, Hero Save and repeat the process as many times as desired. The advantage of doing this is if your character's appearance is important to you. Aging is prevented just so long as you keep your age below 30 to 35. The color of your hair should stay black or blond, your tattoos will not fade, and your skin will not get wrinkled.

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