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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Gaining evil morality" (PC)


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Gaining evil morality

-Use the following trick to re-enact the Oakvale Raid cheat and gain evil morality. To recreate this intense battle, go to Bowerstone South and hire the mercenary in the tavern. After that, teleport over to Twinblades Camp and hire the mercenary. Once this is accomplished, ask all of the available bandits in Twinblades Camp and Twinblades Elite Camp to follow you. Do not teleport, as the other un-hired bandits will not follow you. Take them all the way back from the camp, through the cliff-top patch, and into Oakvale. Once there, just attack a villager. The bandits will follow suit, attacking guards and villagers alike. This is a great way to boost your morality towards the evil side (if you are working on the temple of Avo). Also take advantage of the situation to raid shops and rob them blind, as your bandit friends create an ample distraction. Be careful not to kill the shopkeeper.

-To max out your evil morality, go into the guild, and kill a guard. All the guards will then come to kill you. Keep killing the guards. You should have a very evil morale quickly.

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