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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Infinite Silver Keys" (PC)


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Infinite Silver Keys

To get infinite Silver Keys, gain experience, a Silver Augmentation, and gold, when you reach The Graveyard Path quest, talk to the Gravedigger. Get the Ages Of Skill Potion from the cabinet in the Gravedigger's Shack. Once inside the graveyard, find the mausoleum in the south part of the map. Inside the tomb you will find the first of three Silver Keys. In a grave to the right just outside, you can dig up the second. To the left, you will see a fishing spot where you can pull up the third. While making your way through the graveyard, keep your Physical Shied active (the higher level the better) to keep your Combat Multiplier from dropping. Once you gotten all other items from the graveyard you can get 1,500 gold scattered, two Health potions, a Will potion and some tattoos. Finish gathering Nostro's Armor, Sword, Shield, and Helmet. You can then move on to the Old Graveyard path. Make sure your Physical Shield is still on and that your Mana at least two thirds charged. Note: Mana will not regenerate while Physical Shied is active. Once inside, you will be swarmed with undead. Using whatever means desired (melee is easiest due to the number; if you decide to use Flame spells watch your Mana level), dispatch all the undead. Using Physical Shield, it is easy to get your multiplier around 50 or greater. Use the Ages Of Skill Potion when your Multiplier is at its peak, along with any other Ages Of Potions you have been saving. You can go as far as the door to The Circle Of The Dead (where you can grab a Silver Augmentation to use or sell from the chest to the left of the door). You can enter the Circle Of The Dead, but unless you time it well the quest will end. Once you have your Silver Keys, gold, and experience, go to the start menu and Hero Save the game. Load your Hero Save and you will be back at Headman's Hill with the three Silver Keys, about 60,000 in General Experience (along with whatever Attribute Skill you used to kill the Undead), a Silver Augmentation, and gold. You can repeat this process as much as desired. You can walk out with 25 Silver Keys in no time. With 25 Silver Keys you will be able to open the Silver Key Chest at the Heroes' Guild training area and get the Legendary Murren Greathammer. This melee weapon has an Experience Augmentation installed. You do not have to use the weapon; just have it equipped to gain the benefits of the augmentation.

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