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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Marrying Lady Grey in Bowerstone North" (PC)


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Marrying Lady Grey in Bowerstone North

-Purchase the black rose and give it to Lady Grey. She will ask you to buy a house. Buy it, then go to Oakvale. Go to the beach with the dock. There will be two ships broken on the shore. Use your spade between them (using your inventory otherwise). When you get the necklace, give it to Lady Grey. Go to Bowerstone Jail and follow Thunder to the Headman's Hill. Once you have defeated him in the cave, you will find a 15 key chest. Outside there will be a fishing location. Fish for a silver key. Go out using the Demon Door go to Bowerstone North. Don't talk to Lady Grey. Go to a green dot in the jail, then go to the Grey House. When you enter the region, the first building reach (not the house) is the stable. Flash your lamp three times and a ghost will appear. Follow it into the cellar and take the letter. Lady Grey will be there, and she will ask you to marry her. Refuse her offer, then talk to the chief. They will let the idiot out. The benefits of doing it this way are as follows. You are the mayor without marrying Lady Grey. You will still have Thunder's helmet and the silver key. You still can open the 15 silver key chest. You can come back here anytime desired, and have full access to Bowerstone Manor. In Lady Grey's bedroom will be another 15 key chest. It contains a legendary Katana Hiryu that does 215 damage and has a flame augmentation. Also, when you search her bed you will get a silver key.

-After completing the tasks necessary to marry Lady Grey, you can decide to marry her. If you feel that Lady Grey is not for you, go to the lady that was giving you advice to build your relationship with Lady Grey by the jail cells in Bowerstone North. Speak to her and she will tell you about how she wishes for something. You will now have the option to marry her instead.

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