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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Skorm's Bow" (PC)


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Skorm's Bow

To get the Skorm's Bow, go to Twinblade's camp and get as many bandits as possible to follow you. Then, hire the mercenary at the camp. Lead them to Oakvale, then hire the mercenary near the cemetery. Slow Time and Assassin Rush are needed for this part. When you go towards the Chapel Of Skorm, Slow Time, then Assassin Rush to the next area so they will not get killed. Make sure it is about midnight. Save the game, then start sacrificing. It will say that it was not a good donation, but do not worry. Keep donating until you are out of followers. Note: If it gets near dawn, use a Golden Carrot, then a Moonfish. Do not sacrifice during daylight.

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