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Facebook: Restaurant City PC Cheats

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Easy money hints

-Note: You must have a staff of four people. To earn $2,000 in a hour, put everyone on "Rest" except for two of them (a chef and waiter). Both of them should be at 100 energy. Get your population up to 30.0 or more. Save the game and return in a hour. Repeat this with the other two staff members. Repeat this tactic and in five hours you will have over $10,000. Note: This will not result in gourmet points but it is a fast way to get money.

-If you have the outside door, sell it. Avoid selling your inside door.

-In one day two to five trees in your restaurant give coins. Just click a coin in a tree.

-Do not close your restaurant before you leave it or else you will only lose 2 to 4 popularity of your restaurant before you leave. Let your workers get 90.00% or more energy. They will give you $2,000 when you come back. Let them eat a sandwich; they have 0.00% energy. If you have eight workers you will receive $400 after all your workers eat.

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