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Faery Tale Adventure 2: Halls Of The Dead PC Cheats

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Magic item properties

A small icon is added to your player's image when you equip any special item. The folllwing items have the corresponding properties:

Amethyst Ring - Immunity to Acid and Violet Magic.
Emerald Crown - Immunity to Mental Damage.
Gold Ring - Resist Fire and Yellow Magic.
Jade Necklace - Resist Poison and Green Magic.
Ruby Ring - Resist Heat and Red Magic.
Ruby Emulate - Immunity to Fire and Yellow Magic & Immunity to Heat /Red Magic.
Sapphire Ring - Immunity to Cold and Blue Magic.
Sapphire Talisman - Immunity to Cold and Blue Magic.
Wooden Ring - Immunity to Poison and Green Magic.
Gold Bracelet - Nothing.
Medalion - Nothing.
Snow Parka - Resist Cold and Blue Magic.
Woven Grass Jerkin - Resist Poison and Green Magic & Resist Lightning and Orange Magic.
Mithril Chain Shirt - Resist Slashing Damage.
Dragonskin Boots - Resist Fire and Yellow Magic & Resist Heat and Red Magic.
Frostbite - Immunity to Cold and Blue Magic.

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Cheat mode

-Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding Locate the "promo" directory on the installation CD. Copy the saved games in this directory to saved game directory on the hard drive. Remove the "read-only" attribute from the files. Start the game and use the "Load" selection on the options menu to load the "hatak" saved game file. Quickly save this game as a new file, since overwriting the "hatak" file will crash the game. Note: Even though the other saved game files allow the game to be started at various points, the "hatak" file has additional bonuses.

-While playing the game from "hatak" file, all characters will have full attributes with mithril armor and weapons. Also, Julian has the "Tour Guide" and "Juicer" special items in inventory. The "Tour Guide" allows travel to any game location. The "Juicer" allows attributes, skills, and mana to be changed. Note - To start game from the beginning with cheat mode active, use the "Tour Guide" to travel to Wildevarr/Padavis/Riddenbutter's. Additionally, all scrolls may be sold for extra gold since all spells have already been learned.

-Get an Oil Lamp from the Inn to Birket (Padavis) and he will give you the Staff of Ugh. Give him the Staff of Ugh, to get the Ultimate Cheat. Give him the Ultimate Cheat, and you will get two chests with the following items:

Tour Guide - Go to anywhere in the game.
Staff of Ugh - Exits game.
Marks Sting Ray - Restore everyone to full health.
Juicer - Maximum Health, Skills and Mana.
Nexus Cube - Go to any obelisk in the game.
Pandora's Box - Create any monster.
Dungeon Fish - Go to any cave or dungeon in the game.
Ultimate Cheat - This item has the following three main options.
Juice n' Jam - All Adamantium items, maximum Skills and Health.
Goodies - Make Bomb Box, Make Potion Box, Make Magic Bag, Make Special Weapon Cheat, Make Special Armor Chest, Make Goodies Box, Make Key Bag, Make Special Tools, Transfer Gold Apples, Transfer Tapstones, and Get All Spells.
Videos - See all videos.

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