Faery Tale Adventure PC Cheats

Rating 3

Witch's castle

The witch's castle can beaccessedhrough the maze at Grimwood Forest. Enter the maze from the west and make your way northeast. A cave must also be found. This will take you to the Sunstone. The Sunstone should be used to kill the witch, but does not always work. You can kill the witch with any missile weapon, as long as you avoid her gaze. Once you kill her, get the Golden Lasso to ride the Golden Swan.

Rating 3

Unlimited items

Occasionally you may approach an item and press SPACE, before continuously tapping T to obtain an unlimited number of that item.

Rating 2

Golden statues

In the City of Azal, you will need the five golden statues. The statues are found at The Crystal Palace on the Isle of Sorcery, The Battlefield in Grimwood Forest, The Castle south-east of Marheim, The Watch Tower, and Hemsath's Tomb.

Rating 2

Unlimited bravery points

Jump on the turtle and repeatedly attack it.

Rating 1


The following keys are used at the corresponding buildings:

White - Old castles and manors
Grey - The watch tower and buildings in the city of Marheim
Red - Secret entrances
Blue - The Sorceress' Keep on the Isle of Sorcery
Green - Normal buildings
Gold - The maze in Hemsath's Tomb and the inner chambers of King Marheim's palace

Rating 0

Increased luck

Find the Sorceress on the island with the Crystal Castle. Use the "Ask" command many times to increase your luck to 65.

Rating 0

Unlimited keys

Save the game after you enter a dungeon or cave. Move through your location until running out of keys. Restore the game to resume with the doors remaining open and a new set of keys.