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Fallout 3 Cheats "Person and Object Codes - Part 1" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Person and Object Codes - Part 1

Use the following values with the "player.placeatme , , , " code. Note: Use "1" for the value of the x axis and y axis. You can use the same values with the "player.removeitem , " code to remove the same item.
Andy 0006B237
Andy 00074163
Andy 0009B172
AudioTemplateAntQueen 000B15F9
AudioTemplateBlowFly 0009B91A
AudioTemplateBrahmin 00028047
AudioTemplateBrahminPack 000AA7C0
AudioTemplateDeathclaw 000A7B1E
AudioTemplateDog 0003E632
AudioTemplateFeralGhoul 00065712
AudioTemplateMirelurk 00078803
AudioTemplateMirelurkKing 000C4977
AudioTemplateMoleRat 0007079D
AudioTemplateRadRoach 0003AEF7
AudioTemplateRadScorpion 000AF619
AudioTemplateRobotMrHandy 0004D036
AudioTemplateRobotProtectron 0005FCCB
AudioTemplateRobotRobobrain 0005CC52
AudioTemplateRobotSentrybot 0005CC51
AudioTemplateSentryTurret 000B9B5C
AudioTemplateSuperMutantBehemoth 00024103
AudioTemplateTurretCeiling 0001E821
AudioTemplateYaoGuai 0003FB04
Backup Protectron Unit 000C053E
Bandit 0007DCFB
Bloatfly 00092C3D
Brahmin 0001CFA2
Brahmin 0001F67C
Brahmin 00021490
Brahmin 00027FAD
Brahmin 0007E1B4
Brahmin 0008B5FE
Brahmin 000A4E5D
Brahmin 000A5396
Brahmin 000CA032
Button Gwinnett 00003A78
Centaur 0001CF90
Centaur 00068646
Cerberus 0002B8EA
Clancy 0002D3BE
Crow's Pack Brahmin 00027DEB
Dean Dewey 0002F582
Deathclaw 0001CF72
Deathclaw 0001CF9A
Deathclaw 00031E29
Deathclaw 0003210D
Deathclaw 0004E140
Deathclaw 0004EE09
Deathclaw 000AF836
Deathclaw 000B0449
Deathclaw 000BCC4D
Deathclaw 000C290A
Deathclaw 000C3280
Deputy Steel 0001D76F
Deputy Weld 0002040E
Doc 0004E79C
Dog 0001CF9C
Dog 00076926
Dogmeat 0006A772
Enclave Eyebot 0001CF73
Enclave Eyebot 00043EC0
Enclave Eyebot 00059BC0
Enclave Eyebot 0005AE49
Enclave Eyebot 00062DEA
Enclave Eyebot 00062EAC
Enclave Eyebot 0006A901
Enclave Eyebot 00079F2B
Enclave Eyebot 00097161
Enclave Sentry Bot 000AEC21
Enclave Sentry Bot 000AEC51
Enclave Sentry Bot 000AF5E4
Enclave Sentry Bot 000AF5E5
Ethyl 0002B8E5
Eye Intercom 00034020
Eye Intercom 0008F086
Eye Intercom 000BC11C
Factory Protectron 000BAE92
Failed FEV Subject 0007B861
Fawkes 0003D34E
Feral Ghoul 00003AD8
Feral Ghoul 0001CF7A
Feral Ghoul 00052B9A
Feral Ghoul 0005C342
Feral Ghoul 00072B59
Feral Ghoul 00072B87
Feral Ghoul 0009FAFA
Feral Ghoul 000AE86C
Feral Ghoul 000BAD1A
Feral Ghoul Roamer 0001CF77
Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B79
Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B7F
Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B88
Feral Ghoul Roamer 00072B8A
Feral Ghoul Roamer 000A09CF
Fire Ant 000C8063
Fire Ant Nest Guardian 0006020B
Fire Ant Soldier 000393ED
Fire Ant Soldier 000854D5
Fire Ant Soldier 000AEDE4
Fire Ant Warrior 000C58EF
Fire Ant Warrior 000C72C9
Fire Ant Worker 000393EC
Fire Ant Worker 00083EB5
Fire Ant Worker 000AEDE3
Fluffy 0001FEC8
Four Score 00027FA7
Giant Ant 0001FB34
Giant Ant 00027053
Giant Ant 0002F005
Giant Ant 000BF5B8
Giant Ant Queen 0001CF7F
Giant Ant Queen 00034785
Giant Radscorpion 0001CF9E
Giant Radscorpion 000307C2
Giant Radscorpion 00032D2B
Giant Soldier Ant 0001CF80
Giant Soldier Ant 00029036
Giant Soldier Ant 00032D2A
Giant Worker Ant 0001CF81
Ginger 0007DD06
Glowing One 0001CF7B
Glowing One 0003D807
Glowing One 00058772
Glowing One 00072B82
Glowing One 00073204
Godfrey 0007F476

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