Far Cry 2 PC Cheats

Rating 2

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reference

After entering the main menu, choose the map editor. Look around in the "Item List" and look in "Utilities", then "Detail Objects". Look for an item called "Checkpoint". Place the one that has a square sign and is closed off. Look at the sign and it will read "No Trespassing Violators Will Be Shot. Survivors Will Be Shot Again" This is a direct quote that was on the last loading screen before entering the game.

Rating 2

Cheat mode (alternate)

Start the game with a shortcut with the following command line parameters to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Activate the "God mode" or the "Unlimited ammunition" codes before the tutorial is completed (which is after you have delivered the tape to the church) will glitch the game:

God mode - -GameProfile_GodMode 1
Skip introduction sequence - -GameProfile_SkipIntroMovies 1
Unlimited ammunition - -GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1
Weapons never jam - -GameProfile_UnlimitedReliability 1
Unlock all weapons for current area - -GameProfile_AllWeaponsUnlock 1

Rating 2

Jackal job

When doing the job for the Jackal, be careful. If you go for the mission with the blue square on it first, be prepared. You will have to face all your past and present friends for a massive showdown. Do not believe them when they say they have your back.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the -DEVMODE command line parameter, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding keys. Note: All levels will also be unlocked:

Toggle invincibility - BACKSPACE
All weapons - P
999 ammunition - O
Spawn point - F3
Toggle no clipping - F4
Advance to next checkpoint - F2
Save current position - F9
Load current position - F10
Toggle extra information - F11
Toggle first and third views - F1
Increase speed - "="
Decrease speed - "-"
Return to default speed - F5

Rating 1

Golden AK47

The following are the locations of the golden AK-47s.

Leboa-Sako (the northern first section explored during Act 1)
Go to the northwestern bus station and drive down between the two mountains that are northeast of the southern guard station (the mountains just east of the Cattle Xing). Look on the southeastern side of the northern mountain to find a diamond briefcase by a few of huts.

Head to the opposite side of the mountain-the eastern side-and look just north of the tree. This is a tree that looks like it is coming out of the mountain. There will be a rock formation next to the mountain that is basically forming a cave. Break the boards blocking entrance into this "cave" to find the golden AK-47 inside.

Continue to the southeastern bus station. Drive north past the guard station onto the next map. Look around the weapon shop onto the adjacent road to the east. There is a dot on the map. Go to that dot (essentially the southeastern corner of this map). There is an abandoned shack there with a diamond briefcase inside. Next to it is the golden AK-47.

Head to the southwest bus station. Drive northwest past the cell. Go in between the two mountains. Look on the northern side of the western mountain, nearly directly south of the guard station to the north. Get up this mountain by exploring the western side and moving your way east, then look along the edge of the mountain for a boarded-up cavern. Break the boards and grab the golden AK-47 inside.

Head to the southeast bus station. Drive west toward the guard station, but then turn south toward the lake. Go to the lakefront and look for the hut, then continue south from the hut and keep looking at the mountain to your left. After you move through the water around a big rock, look left on the mountainside to see a row of green bushes. Walk through the bushes to find the golden AK-47 in a tight alcove.

Bowa-Seko (the southern second section explored during Acts 2 and 3)
Head to the southwest bus station and drive up to the TaeMoCo Mine. Search the road that runs east of the TaeMoCo Mine. Nearly directly east from the mine's center is a small abandoned outpost along the road. Search inside for a golden AK-47. Jump through the back window.

Head to the northeast bus station. Drive southeast along the road and past a couple guard stations. Enter the next map from the road furthest to the east. Go past the cell tower and safe house. Follow the river south just past the guard station. Explore the eastern side close to the mountain. You will find a small alcove marked with a red barrel. The Golden AK is directly behind it.

Take the bus to the northeast station, then drive through the Crash Site and west onto the next map section. Go west past Sediko. Connect with the road and follow it west. Continue along this road until you reach the wishbone-like fork at the end. Go left toward the southern side and reach the dot on the map at the end. It is a small outpost, which may include enemies. Find the hang glider on the cliff. Look over the cliff to see the golden AK-47 just below.

After going through the Heart of Darkness, go south from the nearest safe house. As you move east toward the swamp, find a tree that has fallen over. It connects the northern and southern sides of the passage. Walk across the tree and find the golden AK-47 at the top.

Rating 0

Jackal choices

When going for the Jackal after completing the mission with the blue square on it, you must go to a shack where he is hiding. When you get into the shack he gives you two choices. You can either take the diamonds or the car battery. If you take the diamonds, he tells you to take them and bribe the commander or take the car battery and fix the explosives. However if you take the diamonds, be careful with the bigger hole in the middle. If you drop in, you will not be able to get out.

Rating 0

UFLL jobs

When you do the jobs for the UFLL and its enemy, and your friend tells you to do a favor for him or her, do it. You have already been paid in full and you will come back to the original mission afterwards.