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Unlimited gold

-For infinite gold, you must have at least ten troops in you reserves. Take any unit and put them in the last spot for reserves. Click on the arrow on the right and put the unit in that location. Note: You can repeat this again, but it is not necessary to do so. Once done, move the unit next to the rest of the reserves. Save the game and close your browser. Reload your saved game file and go to the barracks. Go to the end of the reserves. If done correctly, a unit will be flashing between all of the unit looks. Sell this unit back to the barracks and you will now have unlimited gold.

-Place a range weapon is your secondary weapon slot and keep your melee weapon in the first slot. Remove your melee weapon, then drag it and drop it on the ranged weapon. This should give you another ranged weapon of the same kind. Repeat this as many times as desired to duplicate the ranged weapon then sell them to shop.

2 years ago

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Duel wield on a horse

Get on a horse and wield something like Golden Touches (obtained from Wanderburg), then put them in the first weapon slot on the left. After that, wield a one handed weapon in the second slot to the right. Take another one handed weapon and switch that with the golden touches. You are duel wielding on a horse, but you cannot attack with both weapons. However, it combines the total damage of both weapons together, making it more powerful. It also seems to make it more difficult for the enemy to hit you.

2 years ago

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