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FIFA 07 Cheats "Easy trophies" (PC)

Game also available for:   PSP  |  XBOX 360  |  NDS


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Easy trophies

Go into Tournament mode and select any desired cup. Then on the "Select Tournament Teams" screen, remove all the high level clubs and replace them with lower class teams. Then, select a high level team for you to play as. Select "Advance" to play the Tournament. You can now get easy wins in the Tournament. You can even Quick Sim all the matches if desired. If you picked a high level team to play as, such as Arsenal or Chelsea, and all the other teams are low level, like Barnet and Boston, then your opponents do not really stand a chance. Note: If you select to Quick Sim all the matches a result may rarely appear stating that you lost. Save the game after every two or three matches.

2 years ago

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