FIFA 07 PC Cheats

Rating 4

Easy money hint

-No matter what team you are in Manager mode, purchase the best free agents in the transfer market. Sell them during the same transfer market window so you do not have to pay the high salary. Since they are free to you, once you sell them you can get the added millions to your bank account.

-Make any players you do not want as young as you can. Make them a forward with a role of CF. Set all their attributes at 99 and sell them in Manager mode. They should be worth at least $70,000,000.

Rating 3

Easy goals

When in possession of the ball and outside the area but not on your half, you can check on the map how far the keeper is off his line. Normally he is about two meters. You can lob him easily if you get the power correct.

Rating 2

Finding Giovanni Dos Santos

Giovanni Dos Santos can be found in Barcelona's reserve list. Even though he is only 69 overall you can edit his stats and make him as good as Ronaldinho. You will then have two of the best midfielder's in the game.

Rating 2

Cheaper players

This trick works in Manager mode while changing teams at the end of a season. At the end of the season when you are asked whether or not to renew certain players' contracts, choose not to renew the contracts of your favorite or best players (the ones you want on your new team). When arriving at the new team and the transfer period starts, the players will be free agents, allowing you to transfer them without paying millions in fees and allowing you to re-negotiate the contract to fit your new team.

Rating 1

Easy wins

-When you are losing the match, pause game play and go to "Select Sides". Switch to the other team and score your own goals. When you start winning you can switch back to your original team.

-Play with the 3-4-3 combination. You likely won't lose any matches, even if you quicksim them.

Rating 1

Manager mode

When starting a new Manager mode, pick Arsenal. Remove some of the players that you think will not play in your lineup. You will always succeed. Always refresh the contract with a salary much lower than he gets. Do not to go too low or the deal between you and the player will not succeed.

Rating 0

Easy unlockable points

Go through the game modes and select Tournament mode. Select any cup tournament, as they tend to be shorter. Select the highest rated team or replace a team in the tournament with a highly rated team from another league. Go to Tournament Central and quick sim all the games until you have won the tournament. You will be awarded unlockable points to spend.

Rating 0

Preview unlockables

Buy unlockable items without saving your profile. After testing items, simply reload your profile to re-acquire the unlockable points. By using this technique you can unlock and test all the unlockables in the game.

Rating 0

Easy trophies

Go into Tournament mode and select any desired cup. Then on the "Select Tournament Teams" screen, remove all the high level clubs and replace them with lower class teams. Then, select a high level team for you to play as. Select "Advance" to play the Tournament. You can now get easy wins in the Tournament. You can even Quick Sim all the matches if desired. If you picked a high level team to play as, such as Arsenal or Chelsea, and all the other teams are low level, like Barnet and Boston, then your opponents do not really stand a chance. Note: If you select to Quick Sim all the matches a result may rarely appear stating that you lost. Save the game after every two or three matches.

Rating 0

Clean sheets

For clean sheets to be credited in season, tournament, Be A Pro Season, manager modes (everything outside exhibitions), it would be the final keeper present at the end of a shutout (clean sheet) game. For instance, if you start with Edwin Van der Sar in the first half, Thomasz Kusczak in the beginning of second half, but finish with Wayne Rooney in goal because Kusczak was red-carded, and the final score was 2-0, Rooney will be credited with the clean sheet, and not Edwin Vander Sar. Kusczak is ineligible because he was red-carded. The clean sheet is void if any goals are scored against them. If any keeper conceded a goal, any substitute keepers in goal will not benefit even if they didn't concede any further goals.