FIFA 10 PC Cheats

Rating 3

Score against Legendary goalkeepers

Getting past a World Class or Legendary goalkeeper is no easy task. He will block away most of the shots and chip shots. However you can easily trick him with the finesse shot. When the goalkeeper is running towards you or staying calm, press in the direction key of the post (where you want to score) and hold Q + D.

Rating 1

Easy money

During transfer season, in the search window search for free agents. Sign those players. They will be part of your team for free, as you have not paid any transfer fees. Sell those players to earn money.

Rating 1

Recommended players

Try the following players.

Andrey Arshavin
Carles Puyol
Cristiano Ronaldo
Fernando Torres
John Terry
Lionel Messi
Santos (Americas; LWB)
Sergio Ramos
Steven Gerrard
Wayne Rooney 

Rating 0

Recommended team

-Use the following players:

GK: Akinsheev
DEF: Richards, Insua, Pique, Santon, S. Ramos
MID: Nene, Ramsey, Rodwell, Gorcuff, Koke
ATT: Aguero, Sturridge, Pato

-Use the following players in 4-1-2-1-2 formation:

GK: Buffon
LWB: Dani Alves
LCB: Puyol
RCM: Terry
RWM: Evra
CM : Xavi
LWM: F.Ribery
RWM: C.Ronaldo
CAM: Lampard
RS : Eto'o
LS : W.Rooney

I. Casillas (goalie)
Sargio Ramos or Carragher (defenders)
Ballack or A.Iniesta (mid-fielders)
L.Messi or Fabregas (wingers)
Kaka (attacking mid-fielders)
F.Torres / D.Drogba (strikers)