FIFA 11 PC Cheats

Rating 4

"Arena..." accomplishments hint

Kick the the ball away as a player and switch to the goalkeeper. Run as far away as possible from the goal while the AI controls your player and runs toward the ball. Then, switch back to your Virtual Pro player and shoot from a distance while the goalie is gone to get the accomplishment for shooting from a distance of 32 yards. Juggle the ball and volley to also get another accomplishment. This method also helps to get other accomplishments. Note: Using a second controller to control the goalkeeper makes it easier.

Rating 4

Easy money in Manager mode hint

Buy a couple free agents during the transfer period. Note: You can search for free agents by using the "Search" button in the Transfer Market and changing its status to "free agents". During the next transfer period, sell them for money. Note: Do this when you are in the final transfer period of the season and want stay in the same club (because you can sell them at the start of the next season. Purchase players with lower ages and 70-75 overall for the best money. You will lose about 10,000 Euros in weekly wages but get it back when you sell them.

Rating 2

Getting possession hint

Go near the player who has the ball and press S to possibly make your opponent trip up and let you get the ball. You can also press S when the ball is coming toward you. Press S when the ball is in the air to hit it like a cycle kick. Press S with a cursor key to kick the ball in the desired direction.

Rating 0

Infinite money in Career mode

Select a team in Career mode and purchase a player who is listed for loan. Sign the player, then go to "Budget Allocation" and set the "Transfer Funds" to "Wage Budget" ratio 0:100. The money for transfer now funds at 0%. Go to "Sell Players" and terminate the loan of the player you just signed to earn more than $2 billion. Finally, go to "Budget Allocation" and fix your wages funds percentage as desired.