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FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer Cheats "Easy goals hints" (PC)


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Easy goals hints

-While in the penalty box and the goalkeeper is going to go for the ball, use the through pass (with or without direction, depending on where you are coming from). He should miss the ball and you will score.

-When inside the penalty area alone with your opposition's goalie, quickly press CTRL when the keeper is going down to take the ball. Note: This requires precise timing. If done correctly, you will jump over the goalkeeper and you can simply walk with the ball into the goal.

-Use the following trick to score on free kicks just outside the penalty area. Tap DOWN two times, then add maximum ball spin at the outside of the wall. Do not move the aiming arrow. Press S until the green arrow is full. Most of the time the free kick will go in. Note: If you are more than about 25 meters away from the goal, do not add that much ball spin. The further from the goal you get your free kick, the more difficult it is to score.

-When you are past the half field with a player that has the ball, repeatedly press W to sprint fast towards the goal. When about a couple feet behind the penalty shooting spot, deviate to the left or right and press D to shoot.

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