FIFA 98: Road To World Cup PC Cheats

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Use the "Player Edit" option to change a player name to one of the following entries. The corresponding selection will be unlocked on the "Special Options" box that appears:

Big head mode - eac rocks or gabo
Take A Dive - johnny atomic or cartman
Crazy ball - dohdohdoh or mrhat
Invisible walls - ur1ofus
Hot potato mode - xplay or gonzo
Silly moves - footy or powder
Classic 1982 match - zico
Classic 1966, 1970, 1974, 1982 matches - hurst
Crowd leaves stadium - city
Ball on fire - kenny
Skeleton players - kyle
Alien mode - neila

Rating 3

Crowd Sounds

Score a goal and press one of the following keys or buttons repeatedly to hear the corresponding crowd sound:

Loud drums - Shoot
Horns - Lob/Long kick
Crowd cheers - Pass
Normal drums - Sprint

Rating 2

Transforming player

When your players have possession of the ball, do the following. Go to Team Management and press "Substitution", click on the player that has the ball, and swap him with another player that is already on the field, so that they swap positions. Return to the game and the player will magically transform into the player that he swapped positions with. This will be more noticeable if the players are of different races.

Rating 1

Super team

Choose the "AC Milan" team and type worldwide during game play.

Rating 0

Play five a side football

Go to the "Friendly" menu and select your teams. Then on the stadium selection screen, choose the indoor arena.

Rating 0

Replay score

When looking at the replay of a goal, adjust the camera so that you can see the scoreboard. The goal is already registered before the ball goes into the net.

Rating 0

Four red cards

Just start an indoor soccer game and get four red cards. The game will freeze, requiring you to shutdown your computer by powering off.