Final Fantasy VII PC Cheats

Rating 7

Ultimate Sephiroth strategy

After taking down Bizzaro Sephiroth, you probably will not have much ammo left unless you were wise and only used physical attacks, healing items and limit breaks during that fight. Ultimate Sephiroth is stronger, faster, and definitely more powerful than his previous counter parts. Cast Knights Of The Round summon just once and get another member of the team to Mime it, making sure not to make any moves in-between commanding that person to mime the action. If any members of your team are injured, cure them with a Megalixer or some other healing potion before the battle starts. Sephiroth will cast Shadow Flare or Pale Horse on one of your team members. Do not worry about this and simply continue the fight. Attack him physically once, preferably with Cloud or Cid as they are the most powerful. Sephiroth should be defeated. Note: If you wait too long, Sephiroth will cast Super Nova or Pale Horse.

Rating 4

Higher stats

To raise all of your stats in battle, use many Hero drinks. This works very well with Omnislash and Knights of the Round.

Rating 4

Jenova Life strategies

  • Equip a Dragon Armlet and Water Ring on one person in your party. This will make Blue Light and Blue Flame do half the damage and Aqualung cures that person.

  • Equip the Aurora Armlet (which you can find nearby) to your hardest hitter. Un-equip every Materia you have on that person. When you start the battle, use as many summons as possible before he casts some sort of barrier. That barrier will deflect magic that you cast on him. After that, just keep using attacks or D. Blows on him. By now your other teammates will be dead. Do not revive them. Notice that everything Jenova does to hit you will just revive your health. Keep doing Attacks or D. Blows until you win. Note: Once the screen reads "Jonova-LIFE's skill power is used up", you can revive your partners because he will not attack.

Rating 4

Extra accessories

Mug each of the Turks when you fight them for the lasttime on Disc 2. They have some of the best accessories in the game, including the Tough Ring that Sephiroth has in the flashback.

Rating 4

Unlimited items hints

  • This trick requires the W-Item materia. The materia is acquired after your party parachutes back into Midgar in Disc 2. After entering the subway tunnels in Sector 8, your party might walk away from the screen and encounter the Turks, or walk towards the screen to reach another subway section. Choose the second choice and follow the subway tunnel until it ends at a dead end with the W-Item materia.

  • Equip the materia on the character with the item to be duplicated. When a battle begins, select the W-Item entry on the battle menu, select the item to be duplicated, then select any other item. Cancel that item, then select another item, then cancel it as well. Every time you cancel the second item, the one that was initially chosen will increase by one. Note: This will only duplicate item selectable in battle and can not be used to duplicate the various sources, materia, weapons, or armor. However, you have to already own two or more of a battle selectable item.

  • Use the following trick to duplicate an item that you only have one of, and it can be a battle usable item. You must have the W-Item materia and have it equipped to any character. Get into a battle, then select the W-Item command and select any item you want to be duplicated which you have one in value of (for example, an Elixir). Then, select the character to use it on. You now have a second choice of an item to use. Instead of selecting the same item like in the original trick, select a different item (for example, a Remedy). After that, instead of selecting the character to use it on, back out once to the item selection screen. You will then notice you have one more of the Elixir (or the first item you selected) instead of the empty slot after you selected the item you only had one of. Select the remedy again and back out and you will have another of the Elixir (or the first item selected). Keep repeating this to get as many of any item as needed.

Rating 3

View FMV sequences

Note: The game does not have to be installed for this trick to work. Just insert any game disc and use Windows Explorer to view the contents of the "ff7/movies" directory. Click on the files in the directory to view the corresponding FMV sequence.

Rating 3

Level 4 Limit Breaks

Unlock the following characters Levl 4 Limit Break by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aeris (Great Gospel) Find the sleeping man on the first continent that can tell you how many fights you have had. He is in a cave near Condor Fort, across a river. The buggy (hitch a ride from Costa Del Sol) is needed to reach that location. Once you find him, wander outside and keep getting in fights until the last two digits of your fight total are the same (e.g. 688,133). Return to the may to receive some mithril. Go to the weapons shop near Gongaga and talk to the man inside. He will offer you a small or large box. Select the small box, then look in the box that is upstairs.
Barret (Catastrophe) Once Meteor has been summoned, go to North Corel and speak to the woman whose husband died. She may be found in the first hut on the second level in the town.
Cid (Highwind) Found in the Gelinka (the sunken Shinra plane)
Cloud (Omnislash) Get 32,000 battle points in Battle Square at the Gold Saucer, then trade them in at the machine. This is worth getting, as it does more damage than Knights Of The Round when used at a high level with the Ultima weapon.
Red XIII (Cosmo Memory) Defeat the Lost Number monster found in the safe at the Shinra mansion.
Vincent (Chaos) Using the submarine or a Gold Chocobo, go to the circular lake on the second island on disc 3. Vincent only has one break per level.
Yuffie (All Creation) Win all the battles in the pagoda in Wutei.

Rating 3

Non-stop battle

Cast Reflect on your party and all the enemies, then cast some sort of magic spell, and it will ricochet off, and it will never stop. You won't be able to escape, and must reset the game.

Rating 3

Safer Sephiroth strategies

  • A Mime Materia and a mastered Knights Of The Round summon materia is required for this trick. First, cast Knights Of The Round with one character and then use mime with a different character. Savior Sephiroth should be defeated in those two hits.

  • You will need to have Mime command, W-Summon, Knights Of Round summon, and Quadra Magic. Master Knights Of Round. Equip this with Quadra Magic and W-Summon on Cloud. Equip Mime on another character. This trick will have to be repeated if the other character does not attack right after Cloud. Use W-Summon Knights Of Round two times and he will use it eight times. Quadra Magic must be at second level. After that, use Mime and your other character will use it eight times.

  • Put the Enemy Skill Materia (can be found in the Green Chocobo's stable at the Chocobo Sage's house) on your best magic-using character, then put the Long Range Materia (found after defeating the Materia Keeper in Mt. Nibel) on your best attacker. When Sephiroth uses his Shadow Flare attack, whoever has the enemy skill Materia will learn it. After that, cast it on him only when he floats up in the air (to conserve MP). Make sure whoever you put the Long Range Materia on does not already have a long range weapon (for example, Vincent or Barret), or it would be pointless. Put it on your best attacker so that they can damage him even when he is floating.

  • Have two characters in your part have Mime, and the other with W-Summon connected to Quadra magic . This allows you to use any magic or summon six times in a row. Have the two people with Mime use it, then have the last one use Knights Of The Round on him. This will result in eighteen consecutive Knights Of The Round hits. Heal your HP and MP, and repeat the summoning. Note: This isn't an instant killer.

Rating 3

Midgar Zolom strategy

Have Barret in your party with Fury on as the Midgar Zolom will give him a Limit Break in one hit. Have Barret on the bottom of your menu and all characters in the back row. Use the other characters to heal and use Barret's first Limit Break as Mindblow. This will zap the Zolom's magic, away rendering Beta useless. Also, if your characters have Sadness level 26, Zolom will only do 900 damage at maximum with Beta. Beta is also an Enemy Skill. Zap his energy, use Bio, and finally take him out.

Rating 3

Ultimate Weapon strategy

Find the Ultimate Weapon hovering over a lake during Disc 3. Defeat it and it will retreat as before. If you happen to find it hovering around the ocean, run in to it. This will make it find a new place to destroy. Defeat it each time you see it hovering over one place until the final battle, which takes place over Cosmo Canyon. After you defeat it there, it will crash to the ground. This will give you access to the Antiant Forest and Cloud's Ultimate Weapon.

Rating 3

Ghost Hand

Mug or Steal Ghost in the Train Graveyard.

Rating 3

Cast magic three times at an opponent

Have all characters have Reflect status, then cast any attack spell on all three of your characters. The spell will bounce three times into the enemy, each with the attack power of a full spell.

Rating 3

Counter Knights Of The Round endlessly

Master Summon (red Materia) with MP Boost or what ever it is Knights Of The Round with Counter Magic. You can repeat this unless you run out of MP.

Rating 3

Ruby Weapon strategies

  • Enter the fight with Ruby Weapon with two characters already dead and have the Summon Phoenix materia equipped on the remaining character. This way, Ruby will only attack the live character and therefore not use the Quicksand attack. Wait until the Weapon sticks his claws in the ground, then use Summon Phoenix to attack it and revive the dead party members. All three party members are now available for the battle.

  • Have all characters equipped with the Final Attack + Revive or Phoenix materia combination. Have one character equipped with a weapon or armor containing Knights Of The Round + MP Turbo. Also have a Mastered Magic Plus materia (not MP Plus) somewhere else in the weapon or armor of each character. Have all three people wear the Mystile armor (first from Midgar Raid, second from North Cave, third from Ultimate Weapon when it is over Midgar). This prevents Ruby's Ultima attack from injuring your characters. Kill two characters, then enter the battle with Ruby Weapon. When the Weapon's claws are in the ground, revive the two dead characters, and have W-Summon cast Knights Of The Round and have the other two characters Mime. This will hit Ruby Weapon for 9999 damage each time. It should be defeated after eight to ten rounds of this sort of attack.

  • Kill two of your characters, then equip the following materia combination: HP Absorb + Knights Of The Round, W-Summon, Mime. Use a Hero drink, then summon the Knights Of The Round. Every time he/she will gain over 9,000 HP points. Then, simply Mime this attack until the Weapon is defeated.

  • Use Mime in addition to the Final Attack + Phoenix materia combination. Get Cloud's limit bar full and start the battle. Ruby will take your other two characters away with Quicksand. Attack with Omnislash. At Cloud's next turn, select Mimic and Cloud will use the Omnislash again. Repeat this attack. The only flaw to this strategy is the need for a little bit in the limit meter. Without it, Cloud will jump forward after a brief flash, and Ruby Weapon will attack. When Cloud performs the limit, the game will act as though you had a full limit bar, and delete all that remains in it. To effectively make this trick work, make sure Ruby Weapon hits Cloud before doing the Omnislash again.

  • Have Cloud alive with maximum HP and MP while your other two characters are dead. Have mastered Counter Materia (not Counter-Attack Materia) paired with Mime; Knights Of The Round paired with HP Absorb; enough HP and defense to avoid getting killed in one hit; a high Magic rating (200+); and a Ribbon. Cast Knights of the Round and each time Cloud gets hit he will counter with that attack. Cast Knights of the Round and then use Mime as fast as possible.

  • Another strategy is to get the following Materia for Cloud: Mastered Command Counter paired with Mime (not the Counter-Attack Materia, . the Command Counter is a blue Materia), Knights Of The Round paired with HP Absorb, enough HP and defense, high magic rating (200+, best achieved with Magic Plus mastered), a Ribbon, two Knights of the Rounds Summons, W-Summon, Master Summon paired with MP Turbo (on different slots than the regular Knights Of The Round slot). Before starting the battle, intentionally kill your other two party members. When you start the fight, just cast Knights of the Round (W-Summon or without) on Ruby Weapon. Every time Cloud gets hit, he will automatically counter with Knights Of The Round and regain HP.

  • A great strategy is to equip the Enhance Sword or Ultimate Weapon, Mystile, and Ribbon on Cloud. Link a mastered Final Attack to Revive, link Knights Of The Round to Hp Absorb, Hades to Added Affect Magic Plus (if you have one), enough HP and MP Plusses to max out those stats, and anything else all on Cloud if space permits. For the other two characters, equip HP and MP Plusses, a Mime, and anything else. Before the battle have Cloud kill the other two characters. Get in the Highwind and fly into his Ruby Weapon's head sticking out of the desert by Gold Saucer. As soon as you start he will plant his claws into the ground. You should cast Hades immediately to stop him and his claws allowing you to cast Knights Of The Round once and revive the other two characters. As soon as it is Cloud's turn again, cast Hades and Ruby Weapon will be stopped again. Cast King Of The Round and Mime once, then cast Hades again and keep repeating until it is defeated.

  • Make a party of your strongest characters and equip them with the Mystile. Leave one character alive, preferably Cloud. This character should have the best Materia. He/she should have a Final Attack linked with Revive and a Mega-All each at the Master level. When entering the battle, since only one character is standing, Ruby will only use a physical attack then bury its stalks. Now, cast Life 2. All your characters will be restored. Be careful, as at a point in the battle Ruby Weapon will reveal her stalks and use her Whirlsand attack. Knights of the Round is effective during this battle, even though Ruby Weapon will counter with Ultima. You will have a 60% chance of dodging it thanks to the Mystile.

  • Note: This trick can be used against both Ruby or Emerald Weapon. Have Cait Sith go into battle with a limit break, and make his level 2 limit, Slots, has been unlocked. Once in battle, press SQUARE (PlayStation version) when his slot reels appear to slow them down and get the combination that instantly kills any enemy. If done correctly, the Weapon will die.

  • Always remember that Ruby Weapon can absorb almost all types of magic.

  • Cloud's Omnislash, W-Summon, Knights Of The Round, HP Absorb, and Mime are required for this strategy. Equip Mime, Knights Of The Round (with HP Absorb), and W-Summon on Cloud, then get his Limit Break up. Kill both of the other party members then save the game just before Ruby Weapon. Start the battle by attacking his fingers with Omnislash. He will pull them back out, then put them back in. After that, use Mime to use Omnislash again on his fingers. Repeat this one more time. After he attacks you, use W-Summon and Knights Of The Round. You have HP Absorb because when he attacks you will lose a lot of HP. After summoning Knights Of The Round, you will gain your health back. After the second summon, he will attack you again. Use mime and you will do Knights Of The Round twice and replenish health. Repeat this about four to five times and Ruby Weapon will be defeated at about the seventh or eighth Knights Of The Round attack.

  • Final Attack, Phoenix, Knights Of The Round, HP Absorb, W-Summon, Omnislash (optional), and Mime (mastered at least once) are required. Start the battle with Ruby Weapon sticking his fingers in the ground. Once they are in, use Phoenix to revive your other party members. After that, use Knights Of The Round (W-Summon; with HP Absorb equipped together).Once it is done, use your other characters that have Mime equipped to summon Knights Of The Round (W-Summon) on Ruby Weapon. You will need Phoenix and Final Attack equipped in case you die.

  • Fire and Elemental on your armor both at Master are useful since Ruby Flame will heal you by about 2,000. shields are a bit more of a necessity for this, as the two tentacles will not be able to cause damage or status abnormalities through it. Keep at him with Quadra Magic, Knights Of The Round, W-Magic combination. Also, enemy skills are helpful. To be safe, have Revive and Final Attack both at Master. If you keep your shield up and ignore the tentacles, Ruby Weapon will be vulnerable to attack. Keep at him with Knights Of The Round and also have an Omnislash ready before starting the fight. If you run out of MP, another Knights Of The Round put with Mp Absorb will fix that. If this is not possible put x4 Slash on and use it. However, it is well worth acquiring some Turbo Ethers beforehand and Megalixers just keep your shield up by checking status in the fight.

  • Note: To use this strategy it is recommended that you first defeat Emerald Weapon to get the Master Materias. Take your best character and equip him with the following W-Summon, Master Summon coupled with an HP Absorb, a master level HP Plus (use as many as necessary to raise your HP to 9999), and a master level Magic Plus (use as many as necessary to raise the characters Magic to 255). Before entering battle with Ruby, kill the other two characters in the party. If this is not done, Ruby Weapon will randomly kill off the character with the Materia setup. When entering the battle, use W-Summoned Knights of the Round. Because there are thirteen knights, assuming that each does at least 8,000 damage, they are summed twice in a turn, and that there are five turns, you will do 1,040,000 points of damage to Ruby.

  • Have the following Knights Of The Round (mastered), three Mimes (two must be mastered), Hades (mastered), Phoenix, and W-Summon. Before entering combat with Ruby Weapon, go into a low level area nearby and kill two of your party members. Make sure the remaining party member flees from combat (or kills your opponents), and that they are equipped with the Phoenix Materia. Then, initiate combat with Ruby Weapon. Ruby will bury his claws immediately. Summon Phoenix and the first chance you get, use Hades on Ruby Weapon. This will paralyze him. The higher your level of mastery with Hades, the longer he will remain paralyzed. You can then W-Summon Knights Of The Round and have your other two party members Mime it. Usually Ruby Weapon retaliates with Ultima when this is done but, when paralyzed he cannot. This provides a much easier and faster way of defeating Ruby Weapon than the established Quadra Magic Bahamut Zero: Mime technique, as Knights of the Round deals far more damage and when Hades is used Ruby Weapon cannot fight back.

  • Have Cloud at level 99, Barret at level 99, and Yuffie at level 69 or higher. Then, have the following attached to each character.

Weapon: Ultimate
Armor: Mystile
Accessory: Jem Ring
Materia: HP Plus Mastered, MP Plus mastered, All and Restore mastered junctioned, All and Revive mastered junctioned, all and Destruct mastered junctioned, MP Turbo mastered junctioned to Master Summon, Mega All mastered, Enemy Skill preferable with White Wind and Angel Whisper learned, Chocobo Lure mastered.

Weapon: Ultimate
Armor: Aegis Armlet
Accessory: Jem Ring
Materia: HP Plus mastered, Double Cut mastered. All Restore mastered, All Revive mastered, MP Plus mastered, Master Command, Ultima, Shield, Full Cure, and Contain all mastered.

Weapon: Ultimate
Armor: Mystile
Accessory: Touph Ring
Materia: All Master Magic, 2X HP Plus mastered, Counter Attack MP Plus mastered, Magic Plus and Luck Plus mastered, W-item, Double Cut mastered, W-magic Alexander, Hades, Bahamut Zero all mastered.

Make sure you go into battle with two people dead and immediately bring them back. Summon Hades to freeze Ruby Weapon while you have Cloud summon a turboed Knights Of The Round. It should hit for 9999 damage for every knight. You will know it is working if Lancelot (the first attacker) hits for maximum damage. Heal when needed and have Regen constantly cast. Always keep your health and MP up during the fight.

Rating 3

Magic Shuriken

To get Yuffie's Magic Shuriken weapon, go to Godo's House in Wutai. Walk into the guest room (the place where you can rest). You should see a white sign at the bottom left corner of the room. Go up to it and press ACTION. The sign will open up, and you will find a chest with the Magic Shuriken.

Rating 3

Unlocking Limit Breaks

Unlock the following Limit Breaks by performing the corresponding tasks:

Level 1 Skill 1 Already learned.
Level 1 Skill 2 Use Level 1 skill eight times. You cannot use it eight times in the same battle.
Level 2 Skill 1 Kill eighty enemies with the character that will learn the limit break.
Level 2 Skill 2 Use Level 2 Skill 1 six times.
Level 3 Skill 1 Kill eighty enemies again.
Level 3 Skill 2 Use Level 3 Skill 1 four times.

Rating 2

Strong Comet

If you have a high magic stat, a coupleMaster Magic or Level 2/Mastered Comet Materia, Quadra Magic and W-Magic, link Comet2 to Quadra Magic, and have W-Magic. Link extra Comet2 to HP Absorb, MP Absorb (optional) and Added Cut. The result will be 40 hits for 9,999 damaged, which Mimed twice can even kill the Weapons.

Rating 2

Counter Shield endlessly

Shield equipped with Counter Magic with Master Magic (green Materia). You can use Shield as many times as long as someone attacks you, unless you run out of MP.

Rating 2

Counter Ultima endlessly

Ultima equipped with Counter Magic Master Magic (green Materia). Every time someone attacks you, you will use Ultima if you have the necessary MP.

Rating 2

Gi Nattak strategies

  • The Gi Tribe Boss under Cosmo Canyon is an undead creature. Cure items such as X-Potion or Phoenix Down are effective against him. Note: Phoenix Downs can miss, but and X-Potions will always be effective.

  • Have at least 4 Phoenix Downs in stock. At the start of the fight, select a Phoenix Down and use it on the Nattak himself, not his henchmen. It should say instant death and he should die without a battle. If it misses, keep trying.

  • When you fight Gi in Cosmo Canyon cave, use a X-potion or Elixir To kill him right away.

  • Save the X-potions you get early in the game. When you face Gi Nattak in the caves at Cosmo Canyon, use one X-Potion on Gi Nattak. Since he is weak against Holy and X-Potions replenish all health, it does the opposite to Gi Nattak and results in an instant kill.

Rating 2

Materia Keeper strategy

When facing the Materia Keeper, he will most likely kill all of your other fighters first, leaving only Cloud remaining. Cast Regen on Cloud and keep using Cures to heal him after the Materia Keeper uses his powerful attacks such "Hell Combo" and "Trine". Cloud will fill his Limit Break bar. Use the Limit Breaks and keep repeating until the Materia Keeper has been defeated.

Rating 2

Reno strategy

To defeat Reno and his bodyguard (the Turks) the first time you battle them, make sure that you heal all the time. Free your trapped comrades from his "Pyramid". Defeat his bodyguard first, then go after Reno.

Rating 2

Emerald Weapon strategies

  • Equip a member of your party with a Gravity materia, at any level to hit the Emerald Weapon for 9,999 damage. Using this and the Quad-Magic combo can take almost 40,000 hit points from one attack round alone.

  • Equip the following materia combination: HP Absorb + Knights Of The Round, W-summon, Mime, Underwater (and nothing else). Use a Hero drink, then summon the Knights Of The Round. Each time he/she will gain over 9,000 HP points. After that, just Mime this attack until the Weapon is defeated. Keep your materia number as low as possible; the more materia equipped, the more the Weapon's Air Tam Stomp will effect the party. For example, if four materia are equipped the Air Tam Stomp will take off 4444 HP points, five materia will result in 5555 HP points and so on.

  • Enter the battle against Emerald Weapon with a character equipped with a Gravity materia and all characters with a Reflect Ring. Cast Demi 3 onto your characters with Quadra magic and W-Magic. Since every attack will hit with 9999 damage, a total of about 40,000 damage will be done due to the Quadra Magic. With the W-Magic, it will hit almost 80,000 damage. Finally, because it was cast upon all three of characters and reflected, it will hit Emerald Weapon a total of three times.

  • Place Cloud, Red XIII, and Tifa in your party. Get their ultimate weapons and level 4 limit breaks, then build them to level 85 to 90. Equip Knights Of The Round and MP Absorb on Cloud, Phoenix-Final Revive on Red XIII and Full Cure, Comet and some HP pluses on Tifa. Build their limit to full, run into Emerald Weapon with the submarine, have Cloud use Omnishlash, and every one else use their limit breaks. Cast Knights Of The Round, and if you are low on HP, cast Full Cure. Emerald Weapon has approximately 700,000 HP.

  • Go to the forest outside the burnt Mako reactor and fight some Frogs. Use Mini on them and then Manipulate them. Get them to make the last two digits of your life on all characters to "77". However, this life total must be below 7777. Heal yourself so as your life totals on each of your three characters equals 7777. Equip one of your characters with W-Summon and Knights of the Round. Equip everyone with Mime materia. Fight Emerald Weapon, and at the start each character should hit Emerald up for 7777 for a long time. Simply have one character cast Knights of the Round twice and then have the other two characters Mime that. After six Knights of the Round summons, Emerald Weapon be defeated. That way, only one character takes about 6000 damage and nobody else takes any damage.

  • When facing the Emerald Weapon, make sure one of your characters has only two materia equiped and has 9999 HP. When Emerald Weapon attacks with it's Air Tam Storm attack (which does 1111 damage for each materia equiped to that character), it will result in 2222 damage to that character, leaving him/her with 7777 HP and the Lucky 7777 bonus.

  • Obtain the Final Attack materia from the Battle Arena at Gold Saucer and win the special battle (accessible when Cloud has both the Level 4 Limit Break "Omnislash" and W-Summon materia). Link the Final Attack to the Phoenix summon materia. When that character dies, it will revive him/her and any other fallen allies. This is great for countering Emerald Weapon's attack if it does 9999 damage to all your characters.

  • Emerald Weapon has 1,000,000 HP.

  • Emerald Weapon's beam attacks are magic based, so if you cast Wall you can cut his beam attacks in half and also reduce the damage from his stomp attacks.

  • Use Vincent's third Limit Break (Hellmasker). The Nightmare attack it uses will occasionally cast Stop on Emerald.

  • Have Cait Sith with his Slots limit break. Save the game right before you fight him with Cait Sith's limit bar full. Start the battle and use the Slots limit break until it ends up with something that resembles Cait Sith. Use it on Emerald Weapon to defeat it with one hit.

  • First, equip the best of all equipment that you have. It doesn't matter if you can get AP with it or not. Also equip an HP Plus Materia to each of your characters so that you have 9999 HP on them, then equip some sort of curing Materia to each one. Note: Only equip one of each. When the battle starts, use lots of defense and all the curing spells you need. Just survive for awhile with your Limit Breaks. Eventually, Emerald Weapon will attack with a skill that does 1111 damage for each piece of Materia you have equipped. When this happens because your party was at full HP when they will now have 7777 HP and will be able to do the lucky sevens attacks.

  • The Underwater Materia, Mime, Knights Of The Round, HP Absorb and a couple Mastered HP Plus (as many as needed to get 9m999 HP) are required. On one character, put Mime and all the HP Plus. On another character, put Knights Of The Round and in an attached slot, put HP Absorb. On your finalcharacter, put the Underwater Materia. Start with Knights Of The Round, then Mime it for the remainder of the fight. Make sure that the character with Mime does not have more then five Materias equipped because Emerald has an attack that deals 1111 times the amount of Materia, it is usually used right after another attack. Using Knights of the Round with HP Absorb should allow your character to heal about 8,000 HP each time he or she uses it. Simply continue miming and make sure never to use other attacks and this fight should be easy. Afterwards, bring the Earth Harp to the man in Kalm to receive a full set of Master Materia.

  • Notice that as your health deteriorates, so does the attack power of the Cloud's blade. Use Gravity + Elemental Materia both at Master on your weapon to remedy that, as even if your health is low you can still do a hefty chunk of damage as well. Revive + Final Attack, and the enemy skills Angel Whisper, White Wind, and Big Guard are also useful, as well as Knights Of The Round and Counter Magic. Keep hammering away until he dies (this is all assuming you have the Underwater Materia).

  • Use the following trick to get All 7's Fever for the battle. It requires 9999 max HP. Have the character to get All 7's Fever equip only two Materias. One must be HP Plus and other is your choice. Fight Emerald Weapon. When you do enough damage to it (when his emeralds shut down), it will start using Aire Tam Storm which does 1111 damage for each Materia on character. Your character should now have All 7's Fever. Note: This can be done for all characters, but the effect is not cumulative.

  • Note: This trick requires quite a lot of patience and luck. First, have the following: Underwater (Independent), HP Absorb (Support), Knights of The Round (level 2 or higher), HP Plus (Mastered), Mime (Command), Counter (Support-- not Counter Attack), and W-Summon (Command). Link Knights of the Round to HP Absorb and Mime to Counter. Hopefully your HP is above 5000 at this point (being at level 60 or higher is recommended). Ride your Highwind to Junon and get into a random battle. Kill two of your characters, leaving the one with the highest Magic Attack stats. Equip a Mystile and Sprint Shoes to him or her. Take your submarine underwater, then look around and you should see Emerald Weapon either standing in a crater, in a seaweed garden, or moving around. If you cannot find it anywhere, go back up to the surface and submerge underwater once more. Collide the sub into Emerald Weapon and the battle will begin. With the Sprint Shoes, your character will always be in Haste. However, Emerald Weapon will always attack first. Your "wait" gauge will still be filling while it is attacking. Select W-Summon and choose Knights Of The Round both times. When Emerald Weapon hits you, a bar at the top of the screen will say " has made a useless imitation". This means that your that Counter/Mime is working. As your character is casting Knights Of The Round, it will appear as if he or she is casting it four times instead of two. Also, Knights Of The Round will restore your HP, because of the linked HP absorb to Knights Of The Round. However, do not just wait for Emerald to attack. When the Summon sequence(s) are finished, allow your wait gauge to fill and select Mime. Emerald Weapon will hit you again, making you cast Knights Of The Round two times, due to Miming the W-Summon you had made earlier in the battle. Also, your Mime will work, casting Knights Of The Round two more times. When Emerald's "eyes" open, it will execute an attack called "Emerald Beam". It hits you, causing you to counter, casting Mime, which you are actually casting Knights Of The Round again, for a total of four more summons. However, Emerald Weapon will interrupt your summon sequences by countering with Revenge Stamp, which will hurt your HP by a bit less than half. Emerald will also execute an attack called "Aire Tam Storm". You should have at least seven Materia Orbs on your Weapon/Armor. This attack will inflict at least 7777 damage to your HP, possibly killing you. However, there is a 33% chance that this attack can miss. To help, tap L1 + R1. If the attack misses, the eyes will die and you will continue to cast Knights Of The Round until either it stops or Emerald Weapons dies.

  • First, equip Cloud with a weapon and armor that gives him maximum Materia capability, although they must be linked. Then, fill all of the Materia slots with a Counter Materia linked to a Mime Materia. After that, build up Cloud's Limit Break and go to battle Emerald Weapon. Use a character other than Cloud to give him a Hero Potion. Use Cloud's Omnislash and wait until he gets hit. This will result in Cloud counter-attacking with his Limit Break for a number of times equal to the number of Materia you put the Counter Materia on him. For faster results, you may use Barrett.

-There is a glitch known as "Overflow". There are two weapons in the game that can attain Overflow damage and are capable of killing Emerald Weapon with one hit. This is possible on the North American and Japanese versions of the game on the PlayStation.

Vincent: Death Penalty
When using Vincent's Death Penalty weapon, damage is calculated by how many enemies Vincent has killed. If you kill over 20,000 enemies (this will take a very long time), he will one-hit-kill Emerald Weapon.

Barret: Missing Score:
While using Barret's Missing Score weapon, damage is calculated by how much AP is in the Materia in his weapon's eight open slots. The minimum AP to make this trick work is around 2.75 million AP. Three to four Master Knights Of The Round are needed, as well as Master W-Magic, W-Summon, W-Item, Typoon, or Bahamut Zero. Knights Of The Round has 500,000 AP when mastered and all the others have 250,000 AP when mastered. When you have over 2.5 million AP in Barret's Missing Score weapon, engage Emerald Weapon. First, you need to use four Hero Drinks on Barret (to double his attack strength), then use Berserk magic on Barret (again, doubling his damage).

Using either method, the damage done on Emerald weapon will say anything from 1 to 9999 or even letters and symbols.

Rating 2

Atomic Scissors

To get Barret's Atomic Scissors, walk around just outside of Midgar until you encounter an enemy named Custom Sweeper. Use Steal on it to get the Atomic Scissors. Note: It is recommended to steal a couple of these early in the game, as you can sell them for 700 gil each.

Rating 2


  • Mug Ultimate Weapon during the battle on Disc 3 to get the Circlet, which is an accessory that results in Magic and Spirit +30.

  • There is a monster called Snow in Great Glacier. Mug it to get a Circlet. You can also fight this monster in Gold Saucer's Battle Arena. Additionally, If you Mug a Ho-chu in Gold Saucer's Battle Arena, you can also get a Circlet.

Rating 2

Mythril Staff

Aeris' Mythril Staff is obtained by stealing from the Chariot (or a thing that resembles one) in the train graveyard.

Rating 2

Rising Sun

To get Yuffie's Rising Sun weapon, Mug or Steal it from Diamond Weapon.

Rating 2

Yuffie's Boomerang

You can steal Yuffie's Boomerang from an enemy called Formula in the Junon Area. Formulas are the Blue Winged Monster that you run into often and are found in the same area where you meet Yuffie. Give her this weapon when she joins your party because it is stronger than her initial weapon.

Rating 2

Exchange the Highwind for the Tiny Bronco

Get the item Super Sweeper from the roller coaster game in the Gold Saucer. Note: You must do this before you lose Cloud temporarily. Go to Fort Condor and give the Super Sweeper to the old man there. He will then give you the Tiny Bronco. Note: the Tiny Bronco does fly.

Rating 2

Ultimate weapon damage

The more your character is damaged when their ultimate weapon is equipped, the less damage it will do to your opponents. This is especially important when fighting difficult opponents, such as the Ruby and Emerald Weapons.

Rating 2

Use magic three times

Cast Reflect magic on all of your characters, then use an all magic attack on your team. The attack will reflect at the enemy three times. It uses more MP but, it dishes out a lot more damage.

Rating 2

Instant enemy kill

Get Cait Sith's limit up when he learns Slots. Get the slots to make a cats face (the left slot has the whiskers, the middle has eyes and mouth, and the right has the rest of the whiskers). Any enemy will instantly be killed. Note: If you only get two parts of the cats face and a bar, it will instantly kill your own party.

Rating 2

Bizzaro Sephiroth strategies

  • Cast one Mastered Knights Of The Round to one-hit Bizzaro Sephiroth.

  • Prior to facing Bizzaro Sephiroth (after the last piece of Jenova), put the Slash All Materia on your strongest attacker. That way, they can attack all five parts at once and quickly eliminate him.

Rating 2

Techno Soldier strategy

When fighting Techno Soldier toward the start of Disc 1, attack him in the back and use Bolt. This will easily deal over 1,000 HP of damage if timed correctly. It is best to give either Tifa or Barret Bolt so that both can attack while using the back attack strategy.

Rating 2

Demons Gate strategies

  • Physical Attacks work great against this opponent, especially if you have Cid equipped with Trident in your group.

  • After fighting Red Dragon, go to go to your menu screen and select "Marteria". Take all your Materia off except for All Materia, Restore, Barrier, Time, and Deathblow. If you want your summons, keep those Materia equipped. The Materia is taken off becuase your health points will go up. Keeping Restore allows you to heal your party.Make sure to have at least one All Materia equipped, and have it in a double slot with either Restore (recommended), Barrier, or Time. Keeping Barrier equipped allows you to cut off some damage that Demon Gate has sends. Keeping Time equipped will allow you to cast the spell Haste. Deathblow will either have a critical hit or a miss. Remember that Demon Gate has a high magic defense.

Rating 2

Ruby Weapon reward

After killing Ruby, you will get the Desert Rose. Take this to the Kalm traveler and you will receive a Gold Chocobo.

Rating 2

Full Ruby Weapon appearance

Ride a Gold Chocobo or Highwind and bump the red object near Gold Saucer. Then, escape the battle to have Full Ruby Weapon appear.

Rating 2

Aurora Armlet

Mug or Steal from Unknown 2 in the crashed Gelnika.

Rating 2

Fire Armlet

Mug or Steal from Unknown in the crashed Gelnika.

Rating 2

Hidden items on railway bridge

There are two hidden items at the area where you press a lever to lower the railway bridge, on the rail track that connects Mt. Corel and Corel village. On the upper stretch of railway on the right of the locations is an area where you hear birds chirping. If you climb up the embankment at the side of the track you will see sequence of two young chicks in a nest, with lots of gold trinkets around them. If you go on the lower part of the track that doubles round and cuts under itself, keep walking right, even when you cannot see your character. You will find a little cave with a miner at rest, who will let you take some source items.

Rating 2

Hidden Hyper item

Return to Midgar in the third disc. Go to the Don's Mansion in Wall Market and enter the room with the large bed (the center room on the top). Go behind the bed and keep pressing Circle (PlayStation version) in various areas to find a Hyper.

Rating 2

Unlimited Knights Of The Round

After obtaining the Mime materia, master it twice and equip it to everyone. Then, equip Cloud with Knights Of The Round. Get a W-Summon at the Battle Square. When you fight Emerald Weapon, Ruby Weapon or Sephiroth (the only opponent that can survive more than two Knights Of The Round), cast Knights Of The Round twice and then Mime, Mime, Mime, etc., with no MP cost to Mime. Doing this trick takes time but is well worth it

Rating 2

Aire Tam attack

Emerald Weapon's "Aire Tam" Storm attack is "Materia" spelled backwards. This is also a hint as to how it hurts your characters. The more Materia you have, the higher the damage. For example, if you have four Materia orbs on Cloud then the "Aire Tam" Storm will hit for 4444 points of damage.

Rating 2

Blot Armlet

Mug or Steal from Unknown 3 in the crashed Gelnika.

Rating 1

7777 fever

  • If your HP is exactly 7777, you will attack random enemies numerous times doing 7777 damage. To reach that number of HP, get your HP to be 1 at end of a battle. Then, have a character with 184 magic cast 3 Cures on that character. Note: That character's HP will drop down to 1 afterwards.

  • Another way to get 7777 fever is to get your player's HP below 154, then use the Cait Sith's Bell to get your HP to 154. Use Demi2 and half your HP to 77. Then, use curative items (not magic), to get your HP to 7777. After the battle, repeat the process.

  • Note: This trick requires the HpMp Materia, at least 13 Hi-Potions and 4 Potions. First, get to level 99 with Cloud. Check his MP. It should be 877, with no Materia equipped. Use a couple Ethers to get his MP full. Equip the HpMp Materia to Cloud then unequip it. If done correctly, his HP should be at 877. Use 13 Hi-Potions to get his HP to 7377. Use the four normal potions to get his HP to 7777. You can do this as many times as desired, because Cloud will not gain more MP as he is already on level 99.

  • Get the Enemy Skill Chocobuckle, then run from battle 2222 times so that Chocobuckle inflicts 2222 damage. Use it on a character with 9999 HP to get All 7s Fever.

  • If you are close 7777 Fever (for example, if your HP is about 7780), change your enemy (or enemies) into frogs or mini. Each time an enemy attacks you, it will only do 1 HP worth of damage. Wait until your HP reaches 7777 and unleash it on your enemies.

Rating 1

Unlimited battles

Go to the part in Disc 1 rightafter you jump off the train at the start of the second mission. Rather than walking forward and going down into the vent at the end of the tunnel, keep walking backwards about six screens until you reach a door guarded by two Shinra guards. Cloud will tell you to run away, but you can still go forward and fight them. After defeating them, two more appear and this will repeat. You can leave at any time by selecting "Run" when Cloud defeats someone.

Rating 1


While visiting the Kalm Inn anytime during the game, there is a brown dresser-type object in the bottom left corner of the screen (upstairs). If you go up to it and try to open it, there will be an item in it. However, Cloud will say something along the lines of "Can't reach it." Repeat this and eventually Cloud will say "Damn it!!" and kick the dresser, causing the Megalixer to fall into your hands.

Rating 1

Easy Deathblow

Manipulating your enemy allows for an easy deathblow.

Rating 1

Cast summon eight times in a row

Note: The Master Summon, Quadra magic, and W-Summon materia are required for this trick. Put the Master Summon and Quadra magic together and put W-Summon in any other slot. Avoid putting Quadra magic and W-Summon together. Use Knights Of The Round and have the other two characters mime it to hit them your opponent 24 times.

Rating 1

Master Tonberry's Everyone's Grudge attack

In the Northern Cave there is an enemy called Master Tonberry. His attack called Everyone's Grudge can appear very strong. However, there is a pattern to it. For every enemy a character defeats, Everyone's Grudge damage increases by 10. For example, if Cloud has killed 600 enemies, Everyone's Grudge will hit Cloud for 6000 HP. Note: This pattern is based on individual characters only.

Rating 1

Temple Of Ancients Boss

While in the Temple Of Ancients with Aeris, equip Odin on her. If you are fighting the Boss, then equip it on another character. Doing this doing will result in a Steel Bladed Sword (Odin's best attack that automatically kills enemies if it hits them) in every normal battle.

Rating 1

Behemoth Horn

While at Shinra Tower for the second time, when in front of the building take the stairs that are over on the left. While going up the stairs you should be able to find the Behemoth Horn, one of Red XII's weapons.

Rating 1

Carbon Bangles

You can steal the Carbon Bangles from a creature in the Shinra tower that resembles a robot on a roller ball with blades.

Rating 1

Death Penalty

Use the following trick to get Vincent's best weapon, Death Penalty, leveled up with minimal effort. First, make sure you have a controller with an auto-fire feature, Fury Ring, and the Mega All Materia. Once you have given Vincent the Mega All (for Slash All), you can go almost anywhere on the world map with a fair amount of space. The weaker the enemies, the better. Also, avoid towns. Make sure the view is behind Cloud on the world map, and not above him so that when you hold the D-pad you will turn and run and not continue in one direction. Give Vincent the Fury Ring so that he will always be in berserk status and will always hit all enemies. Then, tape Right or Left on the controller and set the auto-fire to Circle. You should be running in circles, and when a fight occurs, the only option available will be for Vincent to slay everything in a single blow. Enemy Lure is useful.

Rating 1

Grand Glove

Tifa's Grand Glove is acquired by stealing from the Madouge B in the caves outside of the Chocobo Ranch.

Rating 1


Cloud's Hardedge is acquired by stealing from the Elite Soldier in the Shinra tower in Midgar.

Rating 1

Orthopedic Underwear

During the "Cloud's Past" sequence just after leaving Midgar, go to Tifa's house and examine the closet in her room. It is located in the upper right of the room. You will receive the Orthopedic Underwear, and Tifa will get upset.

Rating 1

Sprint Shoes

  • While at the Gold Saucer after you get the Buggy, go to the Battle Area. Talk to the woman at the foot of the stairs, then fight in the Battle Arena. Win all eight handicaps and go back down the stairs. Talk to the lady again. If done correctly, she should say "I saw you battle all eight handicaps" and give you the Sprint Shoes. This item automatically sets up Haste on the character on which it is equipped.

  • Obtain the Champion Belt at the Battle Square put it on Cloud. Note: This trick only works if you have already told the lady outside of Battle Square "you fight". Speak to the lady after you have the Champion Belt and she will give you the Sprint Shoes.

Rating 1

Key to Sector 5

  • Toward the end of the game go to the Number 7 gate at Midgar. A man outside the door will say that he lost his key to the city at an excavation site. The only excavation site is at Bone Village. Go there and speak to the man that asks about what you are searching. Reply "normal treasure" and place your excavators on the upper area. Eventually, a box will turn up after multiple digs. Search it in the morning to find the key.

  • The Sector 5 Key found at Bone Village is not on the X, it is directly underneath the plane. There is little dark spot at that location.

Rating 1

Key to the City Of The Ancients

Start next to Junon Port and enter the submarine, then go forward until you can dive underwater. Once underwater, go forward until you can turn to the right into a crack. A fork will appear in the path. Stay to the right to reach a cave, then go through the cave and you will find to the key to the City Of The Ancients.

Rating 1

Hidden armor in Rocket Town

Go to Rocket Town during Disc 3 and visit the weapon shop, then enter the weapons dealer's bedroom to find a treasure box that was not there previously. Open it to receive the Fourth Bracelet. This piece of armor has five Materia slots (four linked and one unlinked), 74 damage protection, and normal Materia growth.

Rating 1

Chocobo Quality

The following areas provide the corresponding quality of Chocobo:

Chocobo ranch area Poor/Weak
Gold Saucer area Good/Average
Icicle Inn area Wonderful/Weak
Junon area Fair/Poor
Mideel area Great/Fai
Rocket Town area Mediocre
Wutai area Average/Fair

Rating 1

Boss fight hints

  • To easily win Boss fights, use Fury on your characters. Their limit breaks will go up faster, and you will do some awesome damage.

  • Use your best weapons, armor, and accessories. The Materia you will need for your caster (for example, with a party consisting of Cloud as a caster with Barret and Yuffie as the other two) is Knights Of The Round linked to an HP Absorb. The other two characters should have a Mimic Materia. To be more cautious, have one or both of your other characters use a Phoenix Summon linked two a Final Attack Materia. Note: All these Materia should be mastered preferably. At the start of the battle, have your caster cast Knights Of The Round then have every other character keep casting Mimic. As long as the chain is not broken, each character will cast Knights Of The Round and get an HP Absorb with that absolutely MP free. In the event your chain does get broken, heal up then simply start the process (not the battle) over again, with your caster starting Knights Of The Round etc.

Rating 1

Emerald Weapon reward

After killingEmerald Weapon, you will get the Earth Harp. Take this to the Kalm traveler to receive master Summon, Magic, and master Command.

Rating 1

Best Weapon Locations

Find the following character's best weapon in the game by searching the corresponding locations:

Aeris Found behind door four in the clock room at the Temple of the Ancients.
Barret Found before fighting Hojo on Mako Cannon. Note - Barret must be in your party for it to appear.
Cait Sith When in Midgar for the second time, go to the Shinra Tower. Go to floor 64 and enter the locker room. Search one of the lockers in the third row on the left side .
Cid After the rocket in Rocket Town has been launched, talk to the man outside the item shop several times.
Cloud Found after killing Ultimate Weapon (not in Mideel).
Red XIII Take Bugenhagen to the ancient city, then return to Cosmo Canyon on Disc 3 with Red XIII in your party. He will receive the weapon from Bugenhagen.
Tifa Use the key to reach sector 5. Go to Wall Market and use the broken item machine.
Vincent After getting a Gold Chocobo or the Submarine, find the cave behind the waterfall in the middle of a continent. Vincent must be in your party.
Yuffie Found in the downed Shinra Plane in the ocean.

Rating 1

Head Hunters

To fight head hunters, head to the Mideel Forest and walk in the dark grass.

Rating 1

Saving Gil early in the game

Prior to fighting H0512, where you first meet Red XII and rescue Aeris at the Shinra tower, you can save a lot of Gil, as money is tight at the start of the game. Have your Steal Materia equipped (recommended on Tifa), and walk around where first see Jenova. There you can fight Moth Slasher (large robot with spikes) and steal Carbon Bangles (five to eight recommended) and also fight the Soldier: 3rd (normal guy) to steal the Hardedge (three to four recommended) and equip as soon as you can. You will save plenty of Gil. The Hardedge is 1500, and you can make 750 for each extra one. Carbon Bangles are 800 Gil each (sold for 400). It is difficult to steal what you want at first, however weaken the enemy and be patient. Send the other characters in the back row and make them guard.

Rating 1

Obtaining a Gold Chocobo

  • First, get a Green Chocobo by mating two Great Chocobos or two Good Chocobos. Get Carob nuts by buying some the Gold Saucer Wonder Square for 500 GP or by stealing them from the Vlakarados creatures found near the Bone Village. Get the Chocobos to the S class, then give them a Carob nut. Race the Green Chocobo until it is in S class, then use a Carob nut and mate the same or different Chocobos. Then, race the Blue Chocobo until it is in S class. Use a Carob nut and mate the Blue and Green Chocobos. You will get a Black Chocobo. Race it until it is a S class Chocobo. After that, go to the Chocobo Tracks around the Icicle Inn area and get a Wonderful Chocobo. Race it until it is a S class Chocobo. Find the Zeio Nut on an island north of the Chocobo Farm. You can steal it from a Goblin that your party fights. If you do not steal anything at first, try a few more times then kill them and try again. Mate the Black Chocobo with the Wonderful Chocobo using a Zeio Nut. You should now have a Gold Chocobo that can go anywhere on the map.

  • Onceyou have the Desert Rose, trade it for the Gold Chocobo and breed an S-Class Black with an S-Class Yellow Wonderful with a Zeio Nut. If you have a male and female Gold, breed them at S-Class with a Zeio Nut.

  • Note: All Chocobos must have very good stamina for this hint:

Good + Great with Carob Nut
1. Green (keep)
2. Blue (keep)
3. Regular (trash)

Green + Blue with Carob Nut
1. Green (trash)
2. Blue (trash)
3. Regular (trash)
4. Black (keep)

Wonderful (Rank S) + Black (Rank S) with Zeio Nut; only keep if golden.

Rating 1

Sephiroth strategies

  • When facing Sephiroth the first time, just use Knights of the Round to immediately win. Even though one of his five parts does not take any damage, he cannot live without it. When you battle the second Sephiroth, use Knights of the Round, then Mime Knights of the Round. Now have another character use Bahamut Zero. This should kill him. When you fight the third Sephiroth, use Omnislash.(Cloud's Level 4 Limit). Even if you only have the Level 3 Limits, the game allows you to use it. After this, Sephiroth will die for the final time.

  • For Sephiroth Bizzaro, use Knights of the Round. For Safer Sephiroth, use De-Barrier then use Knights Of The Round. On the final form, your limit should fill allowing you to use OmniSlash.

  • When facing Sephiroth at the end of the game with only Cloud, if he is level 99 and have Omnislash, one attack will kill him.

Rating 0

Strong Omnislash

After battling 2000 times at intervals of 500 battles, if Cloud has a certain combo of weapon and HP he will insult the enemy and do Omnislash attack with each hit doing many thousand damage, regardless of defense.

Rating 0

Refill HP hints

  • Another technique is to equip everyone with a Terra Elemental, then equip all of your characters with a Elemental-Fire, Ice, Lightning, or Earth magic. After that, just attack Cloud and everyone else in the party. Instead of lowering your HP, you will gain HP.

  • Enter an easy battle and cast reflect on your opponents, then cast Cure 3 on your party. It will do Cure 3 the same number of times as there are enemies. Note: It will only do this to the person who casts the Cure 3.

Rating 0

Stealing from Ultima Weapon

To do this, have "Steal as Well" and "Comet" (Comet2) Materia linked together, and the "Steal Glove" accessory equipped. After defeating the Diamond Weapon that is approaching Midgar, wait until the entire storyline finishes so that you may control the Highwind Ship again. When flying the ship, it is important that you not go to Midgar or you will have to do this trick on the Disc 3. Otherwise, you can wait later if you are not up stealing Ultima's items. Fly the ship where there is a circle-like waterfall behind Junon. Ultima Weapon is hovering over the waterfall. Engage in battle and use Comet2 on Ultima. You will steal a Circlet accessory which upgrades your Magic and Spirit by +30. You can only get it when Ultima is hovering in battle. While he is on ground, you can steal Reflect Ring accessories. If you are on the Highwind and encounter him when he is flying around, bump into him five times; he will fly, then stop and charge up a blue energy ball over the area he is at. Be careful that he does not stop over Midgar or you will have to finish collecting his items on the Disc 3. Note: When you encounter Ultima Weapon for the first time, you can steal a Cursed Ring accessory which increases your status but it also induces Death Sentence on yourself. It is best that you have "Added Effect" and "Destruct" Materia linked together if you plan on using it.

Rating 0

Striking Staff

Once you are past Don Corneo's mansion and get through the sewer and trains area, keep walking around in circles until you find a monster that is a white machine riding on top on a brown beast with wheels for its legs. Keep using the Steal command until you get the Striking Staff to equip on Aeris. Note: Equip a Steal Materia to your allies before doing this.

Rating 0

Curing Toad

Cast Toad on a character already with the Toad status to return to normal.

Rating 0


While in the Ancient Forest you will encounter the Rilfsak. Most of the time physical attacks will not harm it. However, 50% of the time Mug should damage it. Note: You can use magic attacks. There is nothing to steal from it.

Rating 0


Mug or Steal from Rude in Rocket Town, crashed Gelnika and Midgar.

Rating 0

Exchange Gil for GP

While at the Gold Saucer, go through the welcome sign then come back out again. Repeat this until a man appears in the far background, near the save location. Approach him, and he will ask if you want to change Gil into GP. Answer yes to trade up to 10,000 Gil for 100 GP.

Rating 0

Fast limit breaks hints

  • In Cactaur Island (south of Cosmo Canyon) on Disc 2 or 3, manipulate the Catcar and use 1000 Needles.

  • It is recommended to use the following before starting the Temple Of The Ancients. For the limit breaks that require 80 kills (or Vincent's or Cait Sith's limits), go to the Mirithl Mines south of Fort Condor. Walk around fight a group of enemies, like Hegs or others that appear in a group of five. Make sure your character has a Fire 2, Ice 2, or Bolt 2 with an All Materia attached to them. After that, attack with your magic.

  • For the limits that require you to use your limit break eight times, find the Dual Horn enemy outside of the Temple Of The Ancients. Manipulate it, then use its Big horn attack on the character that has the limit break to be raised. Keep using it until that character can use the limit break, then heal the Dual Horn if it is still alive and proceed.

  • Wait until at least Disc 2, after getting the Highwind. Equip the materia with the highest Hit Point deductions (preferably materia with Hit Point deductions of 5% and 10%) - your HP should be around 500 to 1000 or even lower. A good location to attempt this trick is on the beaches of Mideel. The monsters at that location have a main attack that inflicts 50 HP to 200 HP. With lower HP, limit breaks should be easy to accomplish.

  • When on Disc 2 or 3, learn Regen from the Restore materia. Have the Cover materia at 100%. Go just outside of the forest of Mideel (south of the Chocobo Ranch). Find and fight little green grasshopper-appearing monsters called Head Hunters. Before you enter the battle put the Cover materia on the party member who you want to gain a limit break. When you enter the battle, cast Regen on your party member who has the Cover materia. Let the Head hunters attack your party member with Regen. When they get their limit break, use it and/or kill the Head Hunters. Repeat these steps a couple times and he/she will learn a new limit break. Note: You may have to cast Regen two or three times since it will eventually wear off.

Rating 0

Odin's Steel Bladed Sword

To use Odin's Steel Bladed Sword, equip Aeris with the Odin Materia then equip it to another person. When you use the Odin Materia, Odin will appear and instantly kill the enemy. Note: This will not work on Bosses.

Rating 0

Curing Mini

Cast Mini on a character already with the Mini status to return to normal.

Rating 0

Gold Armlet

Mug or Steal from Dragon in Mt. Nibel. Also, the Gold Armlets can be stolen from Dragons in the caves past Costa Del Sol.

Rating 0

Turbo Ethers

To get Turbo Ethers early in the game, just steal from an enemy called Search Crown (they look like mushrooms) to get as many Turbo Ethers as desired. They reside on the tracks in Mt.Corel.

Rating 0

Warrior Bangle

Mug or Steal from Eagle Gun on the Coal Train.

Rating 0

Hidden Ribbon in Gaea cliffs

In one of the rooms (with a big green mass at the bottom right of the screen under the thin piece of land), when you first enter, you will curve around until you are walking down an iced path. There will be one door and a small stairway leading down. Go down and walk into the curved wall. Enter a room, then go into the next room that is all blue with the bridge linking both sides. A chest with a Ribbon is located to the far right of the bridge (walk through the wall).

Rating 0

Red Gagighandi

At the Temple Of The Ancients, find the small dark area, similar to what is around Midgar, near the beach. Walk around the area and you will eventually encounter the Red Gagighandi.

Rating 0

Missed items

If you missed any collectable items throughout the game, they can usually be fond in Disc 3. Go to Bone Village and dig to find weapons, materia, and armor.

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Avoiding the Midgar Zolom

When you have to cross the marsh near the Chocobo Ranch, you are supposed to get a Chocobo. Get anything you want from the ranch, then position yourself as far out into the marsh without actually stepping in it. Wait until the snake goes way off to the left and run straight across without looking back. You should make it in the nick of time. Note: Save before attempting this, as it may require more than one attempt.

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Tough Ring

Mug or Steal from Reno in the crashed Gelnika and and Midgar.

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Ultimate Weapon Traits

The following character's ultimate weapons have the corresponding traits:

Aeris Princess Guard. The damage that it inflicts is based on the HP and Status. The lower HP an ally has in the battle, the more damage will inflict and increases even more if an ally dies.
Barret Missing Score. The more Master Materias you have equipped (as in the more AP your Materia have earned), more damage is inflicted
Cait Sith HP Shout. The more HP you have, the more damage HP Shout will inflict.
Cloud Ultima Weapon. The more HP you have, the more damage Ultima Weapon will inflict.
Red XIII Limited Moon. The more MP you have, the more damage Limited Moon will inflict.
Tifa Premium Heart. The damage that it inflicts is based on your Limit Break Gauge. A higher gauge gives high damage.
Vincent Death Penalty. The damage that it inflicts is based in the number of opponents that Vincent has defeated since he joined the party.
Yuffie Conformer. The damage that it inflicts is based on the level of the opponent. The stronger the enemy, the more damage Conformer will inflict.