Fire It Up Basketball PC Cheats

Rating 2

Scoring hints

-When taking shots outside the hot spot, do not panic or rush. Make the shot or you will compound the error by reducing your time by five seconds.

-The time required to holdĀ SPACEĀ varies as you get further into the game. Watch your player and don't go completely by the timing. It is more difficult to make shots on level 5 than it is on level 1.

-When you get your feet planted in the hot spot, pay the attention to your player's jump. It is easy to get distracted, especially on level 4 or 5, and focus too much on the feet.

-If you have enough time to close out the last few shots in a round, wait for the hot spot to get past the 3-point line to increase your score. However, do not risk the round's bonus points just for a 3-point shot.

-If the basket is not down when the clock reaches zero, the basket will not count.