FlatOut 2 PC Cheats

Rating 3

Faster speed

Unlock the Speedway Left and Speedway Right. Use the Flatmobile and keep hitting the gas and boosting it by nitrous. Hold UP and it will reach speeds of 550 kph.

Rating 2


Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bullet GT - Get first place in all cups and stunts in Career mode. Alternately, reach a 97% completion.
Insetta - Win the Race Finals to get an Insetta.
Venom - Win the Derby Finals to get Venom.

Rating 2

Street races

For the street races, get a strong car with good acceleration and a decent top speed. Go to the Speedway Left or Right. Instead of driving forwards and trying to win, turn around so you are driving in the wrong direction. Hit as many cars as possible. Note: You must unlock the Speedway Left. To do this, finish at least third place on the Street Wreck cup. For more money, try to concentrate on one driver to get the wrecked bonus.

Rating 2

Easy car stunts

When your player exits the car and the stunt is over, quickly press ESC before the "Press Enter" message appears. If done correctly, you will see only your score appear at the record list. Press ENTER and your second attempt will start. Your opponents' score will not be recorded on the scoreboard.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Load or create a profile. Select the "Extras" option, then choose the "Enter Cheats" option. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. The code entered will disappear to confirm correct code entry. Only one code can be entered at a time:

All cars and 1 million credits1 - GIEVEPIX
1 million credits - GIVECASH
All tracks - GIVEALL
Pimpster - RUTTO
Big rig truck - BIGTRUCK
Flatmobile - WOTKINS
Ice cream truck - RAIDERS
School bus - GIEVCARPLZ
El Diablo - ELPUEBLO
1. Enable this code again to upgrade all vehicles.

Rating 1

Stone Skipping event

For a really good score in Stone Skipping, use the following steps. Instead of starting by going forward, start out backwards until you hit the wall behind you. Go to the end of the diving board and launch your driver at about 40 degrees. Keep trying to get all either "Perfects" or really good "Greats" and you may bounce over the walkway that blocks you from going any further (not the walkway directly next to where you launch your driver, but the one near the end).

Rating 0

High Jump event

Get a stable cars (for example, the After Burner) and drive straight through the yellow barrels. Do not hesitate. Straighten up near the end.