Football Manager PC Cheats

Rating 3

Never lose

When you lose a game, quit instead of continuingt. You will be prompted to save the game. Save, then when you start again, it will begin from before the game, and you will not have lost any points.

Rating 2

Recommended players

-Create the following team:

Jhon Mosquera (River)
Van Den Borre (Anderlect)
Carlos Tevez (Boca)
Jermain Defoe (Spurs)
Paul Gallacher (Blackburn)
Van Der Vaart (Ajax)

-Create the following team:

GK - G. Buffon (Juventus)
DL - G. Zambrotta (Juventus)
DC - A. Nesta (AC Milian)
DC - I. R. Cordoba (Iter)
DR - C. Puyol (Barcalona)
AML - D. Duff (Chelsea)
DMC - P. Veira (Arsenal)
AMC - Ronaldino (Barcelona) or F. Lampard (Chelsea))
AMR - Stankovic (Inter)
ST - Adriano (Inter)
ST - T. Henry (Inter)

GK - P. Cech (Chelsea)
DRC - W. Gallas (Chelsea)
AMRL - F. Lunjberg (Arsenal)
D/AMRLC - O. Hargreaves (F. C Bayern)
ST - F.Cambassio (Argentina)