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Freelancer Cheats "Easy battles hints" (PC)


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Easy battles hints

-For easier battles when attacking, choose a hostile ship as your target then ignore that ship. Focus instead on the other hostiles but do not select them as a target. Even though they are not selected you will still be given the blindfire marker (the crosshair you aim with), although it will be smaller. Sometimes an untargeted hostile will just sit there, waiting to be shot. Other times, it will remain on a straight course and will not maneuver too much. The AI will eventually catch on to you and will alter its techniques or will send in more ships. Also, you cannot use missiles like this.

-If you are in a tough battle with not too many nanobots, use the afterburners as much as possible as you can easily outrun the missiles and mines. Be careful, as you can crash quite easily. Use first-person view to avoid debris.

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