Freelancer PC Cheats

Rating 2

Hint Recommended weapon combination

Note: v1.0 activated is required. It does not apply to The Next Generation expansion. If you start on a single player or in a multi-player server, make sure to get at least 5,000 credits to begin. In single player, that should be no problem. In multi-player mode, just run a few missions. When you earn the desired amount of money because you have a Starflier, start off like this. Fly over to Baltimore Shipyard and go to the Equipment Room. If you don't have a new weapon for the one empty weapon slot, buy a Stunpulse or Advanced Stunpulse (recommended). The Stunpulse is 770 credits. The Advanced Stunpulse is 1,650 credits. These allow you to wipe out an enemy's shields easily. Then, have two Hull Damage Efficient weapons. If you like how this combination works, take note. For every two Hull Dmg Efficient weapons have one Shield Damage Efficient, such as the Stunpulse. For example, if there are three gun slots(as seen on a Starflier) equip two Hull Weapons and one Shield. If there are six gun slots, equip four Hull weapons and two Shield weapons. To make this combination easier to manage and energy friendly, go to the options then to "Controls". Look in the "User Interface Keys" and go to the bottom. Assign keys to "Assign Weapon Groups 1-6" however desired. After that, separate your weapons into two different groups; Hull Damage Group and Shield Damage Group. Make sure to set your "Activate Weapon Group 1-6" to however desired. By doing this, you are not wasting away energy on weapons that will do no good during the "Timeline of Battle". Use this combination to the advantage of every battle; Shield first, switch to Hull, then take them out.