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Freelancer Cheats "Jump holes" (PC)


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Jump holes

Note: Coordinates in parentheses do not work until after you complete the story:

to New York (F5)

to Hamburg E7
to Hudson C4
to Texas D2

to Cortez B4,C5
to Magellan C6
to New York F3
to Texas F5

to Leeds F3
to Omega 3 F3,G4
to Omega 5 F6
to New London B3,C3

to Hokkaido D5
to Honshu E5
to Sigma 13 E5
to Tohoku (E5)

to Galileo D3,E2
to Kepler B4,C3
to New York D7,E7

to California F4,F5
to Magellan E6
to Manchester B6

to Frankfurt G4
to New Berlin D3,E2
to Omega 11 C4
to Stuttgart C3

to Leeds E3
to New London E3,F4

to Leeds F3,F4
to Tau 31 D3

to Dresden D7
to Hamburg D3,D4
to New Berlin B6
to Sigma 13 D2,E3

to Colorado D6,D7
to Kepler B3
to Shikoku B2,E2

to Bering E2,F2
to Frankfurt F5,G4
to Hudson C2
to New Berlin E7,E7

to Chugoku C3
to Kyushu C6
to New Tokyo E6
to Tohoku (E3)

to Chugoku D3
to New Tokyo B5,C4
to Sigma 13 F6,F7
to Sigma 19 G3,G4

to Bering F6
to Hamburg E7
to Texas D2,D3

to Colorado B4,D7
to Galileo F4
to Shikoku D2

to Hokkaido E2
to New Tokyo G3,G4
to Shikoku G4
to Tau 23 B4
to Tau 29 B5

to Cambridge D6
to Dublin C6
to Edinburgh B5,C3
to Magellan E6
to Manchester F6
to New London D6,E7
to Tau 31 F3

to California G4
to Cortez C2
to Leeds C3
to Manchester C4,C5
to New York D4

to Cortez F2
to Leeds D3
to Magellan F3,G4
to New London B4

New Berlin
to Dresden D6,D7
to Frankfurt G4
to Hamburg C3,D2
to Sigma 13 E5
to Stuttgart B5

New London
to Cambridge G5,G6
to Dublin B6,C5
to Leeds C3,D2
to Manchester G3

New Tokyo
to Hokkaido D2
to Honshu G4,G5
to Kyushu B5,C6
to Shikoku E7

New York
to Alaska (G5)
to California B6
to Colorado C3,D2
to Magellan D7
to New York G6,F7
to Texas E7,F6

Omega 3
to Cambridge B4,B5
to Omega 5 D7
to Omega 7 G5

Omega 5
to Cambridge D5
to Omega 3 D4
to Omega 7 D4
to Omega 11 F4
to Omega 41 D6

Omega 7
to Omega 3 B5
to Omega 5 C6
to Omega 11 F6
to Stuttgart G5

Omega 11
to Dresden F3
to Omega 5 B4
to Omega 7 C4
to Omega 41 C5
to Stuttgart D2,E3

Omega 41
to Omega 5 C5
to Omega 11 D4
to Omicron Gamma E5
to Omicron Theta E4

Omicron Alpha
to Omicron Beta F5
to Omicron Theta F5
to Tau 37 C5
to Unknown 2 F4

Omicron Beta
to Omicron Alpha E3
to Omicron Major (D4)
to Omicron Minor (D4)
to Sigma 19 E6

Omicron Gamma
to Omega 41 C5
to Omicron Theta D3
to Unknown 1 F2

Omicron Theta
to Omega 41 C5
to Omicron Alpha F4
to Omicron Gamma E6
to Sigma 17 E3

to Galileo E7,F7
to Kepler D7
to Kyushu D3
to New Tokyo E2

Sigma 13
to Chugoku D4
to Frankfurt C6,E7
to Honshu C3,D2
to New Berlin C5
to Sigma 19 E3
to Sigma 17 F5

Sigma 17
to Omicron Theta F6
to Sigma 13 C4
to Sigma 19 D3,E2

Sigma 19
to Honshu C3,C4
to Omicron Beta E3
to Sigma 13 C5
to Sigma 17 E6,F6

to Dresden G4
to New Berlin G3
to Omega 7 B4
to Omega 11 C6,D7

Tau 23
to Kyushu F3
to Tau 29 G5
to Tau 31 C7
to Tau 37 E2

Tau 29to Kyushu F4 to Tau 23 D3
to Tau 31 B5,C5

Tau 31to Tau 23 E2
to Tau 29 F4,G4
to Edinburgh A5
to Leeds C7

Tau 37to Omicron Alpha E3
to Tau 23 D6

to Bering G5
to California C4
to Hudson D7,E7
to New York D3,E2

Tohokuto Chugoku (B5)
to Hokkaido (B5)

Unknown 1to Omicron Gamma E6

Unknown 2to Omicron Alpha E6

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