Freelancer PC Cheats

Rating 3

God mode

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "perfoptions.ini" file in the game folder. Change the "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00" line to "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0.00".

Rating 3


The key is: Name Cargo Armor Guns Class:

Light Fighters
Starflier 20 1100 3/0 1/3
Patriot 25 1300 4/0 2/3
Bloodhound 35 1900 3/1 2/4
Startracker 30 1800 3/0 2/4
Piranha 35 1800 4/0 2/4
Dagger 35 1800 4/1 2/4
Cavalier 30 2100 4/0 3/5
Legionnaire 35 2400 4/0 3/5
Drake 35 2800 4/0 4/6
Hawk 45 3300 4/0 4/6
Banshee 45 4500 4/0 5/7

Heavy Fighters
Defender 30 1600 5/1 2/4
Crusader 35 2600 6/0 3/5
Wolfhound 40 3600 5/1 4/6
Dragon 40 3600 6/0 4/6
Barracuda 45 3600 6/0 4/6
Stiletto 45 4900 6/0 5/7
Valkyrie 50 5800 5/1 6/8
Falcon 60 6200 5/1 6/8
Centurion 45 9200 6/0 7/9

Very Heavy Fighters
Anubis 70 4200 6/1 5/6
Hammerhead 70 7900 6/1 7/9
Eagle 70 9900 6/1 8/10
Sabre 70 10800 6/1 8/10
Titan 70 12600 6/1 8/10

Rhino 80 1600 3/5 1/3
Mule 90 2200 4/4 2/4
Clydesdale 125 2200 3/5 2/4
Drone 175 3600 2/6 4/6
Dromedary 275 3600 3/5 4/6
Humpback 250 5800 2/6 5/7

Note: The best fighters are the Titan and the Sabre. The Titan has the most armor, but the Sabre is possibly better because you can use the turret for additional fire power. The Titan's turret only shoots backwards. The following list shows which ships are available at each base. Refer to the Base list for base names and locations:

001: None
002: None
003: Mule
004: Defender
005: Patriot
006: Patriot, Startracker, Rhino
007: None
008: None
009: Crusader
010: None
011: None
012: Cavalier, Clydesdale, Piranha
013: Hawk
014: Defender
015: None
016: Patriot, Startracker, Rhino
017: None
018: Wolfhound
019: Barracuda
020: None
021: None
022: None
023: Sabre
024: Wolfhound
025: Crusader
026: Cavalier
027: None
028: None
029: None
030: None
031: None
032: Stiletto
033: None
034: None
035: None
036: Humpback
037: None
038: None
039: None
040: None
041: Valkyrie
042: None
043: Banshee, Falcon, Humpback
044: None
045: None
046: Dragon
047: None
048: None
049: None
050: None
051: None
052: None
053: Hawk, Drake, Barracuda
054: None
055: None
056: None
057: None
058: None
059: Dragon
060: None
061: None
062: Hawk, Drake, Barracuda
063: None
064: Crusader
065: None
066: None
067: None
068: Cavalier, Clydesdale, Piranha
069: None
070: None
071: Dromedary
072: None
073: None
074: None
075: None
076: Piranha
077: None
078: None
079: None
080: None
081: None
082: None
083: Banshee, Falcon, Humpback
084: None
085: Crusader
086: None
087: None
088: Cavalier, Clydesdale, Piranha
089: None
090: None
091: Legionnaire
092: None
093: None
094: None
095: Drone, Drake, Barracuda
096: None
097: None
098: None
099: None
100: None
101: Defender
102: Dagger
103: None
104: None
105: None
106: None
107: Patriot, Startracker, Rhino
108: Rhino
109: Bloodhound
110: None
111: None
112: None
113: None
114: None
115: None
116: None
117: None
118: Titan
119: Centurion
120: None
121: None
122: None
123: Hammerhead
124: Sabre
125: None
126: Titan
127: None
128: Eagle
129: Dragon
130: None
131: None
132: None
133: Drone
134: None
135: None
136: None
137: None
138: Falcon
139: None
140: None
141: None
142: None
143: None
144: Falcon
145: Banshee, Falcon, Humpback
146: None
147: None
148: None
149: None
150: None
151: None
152: None
153: None
154: Humpback
155: None
156: None
157: Defender
158: None
159: None
160: None
161: Patriot, Startracker, Rhino
162: None
163: None

Rating 2

Hint Recommended weapon combination

Note: v1.0 activated is required. It does not apply to The Next Generation expansion. If you start on a single player or in a multi-player server, make sure to get at least 5,000 credits to begin. In single player, that should be no problem. In multi-player mode, just run a few missions. When you earn the desired amount of money because you have a Starflier, start off like this. Fly over to Baltimore Shipyard and go to the Equipment Room. If you don't have a new weapon for the one empty weapon slot, buy a Stunpulse or Advanced Stunpulse (recommended). The Stunpulse is 770 credits. The Advanced Stunpulse is 1,650 credits. These allow you to wipe out an enemy's shields easily. Then, have two Hull Damage Efficient weapons. If you like how this combination works, take note. For every two Hull Dmg Efficient weapons have one Shield Damage Efficient, such as the Stunpulse. For example, if there are three gun slots(as seen on a Starflier) equip two Hull Weapons and one Shield. If there are six gun slots, equip four Hull weapons and two Shield weapons. To make this combination easier to manage and energy friendly, go to the options then to "Controls". Look in the "User Interface Keys" and go to the bottom. Assign keys to "Assign Weapon Groups 1-6" however desired. After that, separate your weapons into two different groups; Hull Damage Group and Shield Damage Group. Make sure to set your "Activate Weapon Group 1-6" to however desired. By doing this, you are not wasting away energy on weapons that will do no good during the "Timeline of Battle". Use this combination to the advantage of every battle; Shield first, switch to Hull, then take them out.

Rating 2

Finding secret bases and jump holes

When searching for hidden jump holes to other systems, turn on your Nav Map, then select the "Show Patrols" map. The lines that appear show popular paths that the AI ships use. Almost any path that stretches out beyond the normal trade-lane traffic of a star system will lead to a hidden starport or even a hidden jump hole. Fly out to where the line leads to and turn on the "Solars" option on your targeting computer. You will usually find a place of interest but in places with reduced sensor ranges you will probably have to rely on visually looking for something. Also, to find all the paths, make sure to look at the "neutral", "hostile" and "friendly" paths in the patrol paths map. Be wary of stumbling upon an enemy's base.

Rating 1

Easy battles hints

-For easier battles when attacking, choose a hostile ship as your target then ignore that ship. Focus instead on the other hostiles but do not select them as a target. Even though they are not selected you will still be given the blindfire marker (the crosshair you aim with), although it will be smaller. Sometimes an untargeted hostile will just sit there, waiting to be shot. Other times, it will remain on a straight course and will not maneuver too much. The AI will eventually catch on to you and will alter its techniques or will send in more ships. Also, you cannot use missiles like this.

-If you are in a tough battle with not too many nanobots, use the afterburners as much as possible as you can easily outrun the missiles and mines. Be careful, as you can crash quite easily. Use first-person view to avoid debris.

Rating 0

Backwards landing intermission sequence

To get an intermission sequence that features you landing on a planet backwards or sideways, move between the docking rings "pincers" and stop. Turn so that you are facing away from the planet. Dock with the docking ring. You will get an intermission sequence with you landing backwards. Note: This only works with planets.

Rating 0

Finding bases and jumps

To find the exact location of the bases/jumps, check your patrol path map. For bases, find the location where two or more lines intersect. Then, jump holes will usually either have several lines intersecting, or a single line ending abruptly. Obviously, if there is a break in a trade lane, there is most likely a base there.

Rating 0

Jump holes

Note: Coordinates in parentheses do not work until after you complete the story:

to New York (F5)

to Hamburg E7
to Hudson C4
to Texas D2

to Cortez B4,C5
to Magellan C6
to New York F3
to Texas F5

to Leeds F3
to Omega 3 F3,G4
to Omega 5 F6
to New London B3,C3

to Hokkaido D5
to Honshu E5
to Sigma 13 E5
to Tohoku (E5)

to Galileo D3,E2
to Kepler B4,C3
to New York D7,E7

to California F4,F5
to Magellan E6
to Manchester B6

to Frankfurt G4
to New Berlin D3,E2
to Omega 11 C4
to Stuttgart C3

to Leeds E3
to New London E3,F4

to Leeds F3,F4
to Tau 31 D3

to Dresden D7
to Hamburg D3,D4
to New Berlin B6
to Sigma 13 D2,E3

to Colorado D6,D7
to Kepler B3
to Shikoku B2,E2

to Bering E2,F2
to Frankfurt F5,G4
to Hudson C2
to New Berlin E7,E7

to Chugoku C3
to Kyushu C6
to New Tokyo E6
to Tohoku (E3)

to Chugoku D3
to New Tokyo B5,C4
to Sigma 13 F6,F7
to Sigma 19 G3,G4

to Bering F6
to Hamburg E7
to Texas D2,D3

to Colorado B4,D7
to Galileo F4
to Shikoku D2

to Hokkaido E2
to New Tokyo G3,G4
to Shikoku G4
to Tau 23 B4
to Tau 29 B5

to Cambridge D6
to Dublin C6
to Edinburgh B5,C3
to Magellan E6
to Manchester F6
to New London D6,E7
to Tau 31 F3

to California G4
to Cortez C2
to Leeds C3
to Manchester C4,C5
to New York D4

to Cortez F2
to Leeds D3
to Magellan F3,G4
to New London B4

New Berlin
to Dresden D6,D7
to Frankfurt G4
to Hamburg C3,D2
to Sigma 13 E5
to Stuttgart B5

New London
to Cambridge G5,G6
to Dublin B6,C5
to Leeds C3,D2
to Manchester G3

New Tokyo
to Hokkaido D2
to Honshu G4,G5
to Kyushu B5,C6
to Shikoku E7

New York
to Alaska (G5)
to California B6
to Colorado C3,D2
to Magellan D7
to New York G6,F7
to Texas E7,F6

Omega 3
to Cambridge B4,B5
to Omega 5 D7
to Omega 7 G5

Omega 5
to Cambridge D5
to Omega 3 D4
to Omega 7 D4
to Omega 11 F4
to Omega 41 D6

Omega 7
to Omega 3 B5
to Omega 5 C6
to Omega 11 F6
to Stuttgart G5

Omega 11
to Dresden F3
to Omega 5 B4
to Omega 7 C4
to Omega 41 C5
to Stuttgart D2,E3

Omega 41
to Omega 5 C5
to Omega 11 D4
to Omicron Gamma E5
to Omicron Theta E4

Omicron Alpha
to Omicron Beta F5
to Omicron Theta F5
to Tau 37 C5
to Unknown 2 F4

Omicron Beta
to Omicron Alpha E3
to Omicron Major (D4)
to Omicron Minor (D4)
to Sigma 19 E6

Omicron Gamma
to Omega 41 C5
to Omicron Theta D3
to Unknown 1 F2

Omicron Theta
to Omega 41 C5
to Omicron Alpha F4
to Omicron Gamma E6
to Sigma 17 E3

to Galileo E7,F7
to Kepler D7
to Kyushu D3
to New Tokyo E2

Sigma 13
to Chugoku D4
to Frankfurt C6,E7
to Honshu C3,D2
to New Berlin C5
to Sigma 19 E3
to Sigma 17 F5

Sigma 17
to Omicron Theta F6
to Sigma 13 C4
to Sigma 19 D3,E2

Sigma 19
to Honshu C3,C4
to Omicron Beta E3
to Sigma 13 C5
to Sigma 17 E6,F6

to Dresden G4
to New Berlin G3
to Omega 7 B4
to Omega 11 C6,D7

Tau 23
to Kyushu F3
to Tau 29 G5
to Tau 31 C7
to Tau 37 E2

Tau 29to Kyushu F4 to Tau 23 D3
to Tau 31 B5,C5

Tau 31to Tau 23 E2
to Tau 29 F4,G4
to Edinburgh A5
to Leeds C7

Tau 37to Omicron Alpha E3
to Tau 23 D6

to Bering G5
to California C4
to Hudson D7,E7
to New York D3,E2

Tohokuto Chugoku (B5)
to Hokkaido (B5)

Unknown 1to Omicron Gamma E6

Unknown 2to Omicron Alpha E6

Rating 0

Profitable trade routes

-While starting the game and still in Liberty, you can find a good profitable trade route between Planet Manhattan and Planet Pittsburgh. Fill up on Pharmaceuticals at Manhattan, then sell them at Pittsburgh. After that, fill up on Boron at Pittsburgh and sell them at Manhattan. Keep doing this to easily get enough money to upgrade your ship to a Rhyno. You can earn nearly 5,000 credits for the whole round trip.

-If you are patient, try this trade route. Purchase Gate/Lane parts at Trenton Outpost in New York. Take this to Holman Outpost in the Tau 31 system and sell it, then buy Niobium at Holman Outpost and take this to Planet Manhattan (which is next to Trenton Outpost). Sell it, then go back to Trenton Outpost and repeat the process. A HumpBack freighter can earning 347,500 credits in one round trip. If you prefer to keep a Heavy Fighter, you can still earn 97,300 credits in one round trip.

-The following is a cheap and easy trade route. It only applies to Freelancer v1.0 (v1.4 Cap ships mod is acceptable). Make a new ship/character on a multi-player server (or if you want to test it, try a single player game if you have completed Story mode). This isn't the fastest method, but it does work for when you start out with only 5,000 credits (if the server does not edit that). Fly to the Leeds system and go to Stokes Mining Station. Buy Ship Hull Panels for 80 credits each (1,600 credits for 20 units with the Starflier, your starting ship). Then, fly back to the New York system and land in the Baltimore Shipyard. They will sell for 560 credits per unit (11,200 credits for 20 units). You can now purchase at least a Rhino and sell even more at once. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Rating 0

Easy money hints

-Hang around in the debris fields and use turret mode, etc. to shoot the floating canisters. Haul in the scrap metal and sell it at Baltimore Shipyards, if you can. You will get about 20 credits per piece of scrap metal, and you can get easy money this way, if you don't care about waiting.

-For easy money, you have a good relationship with the Rogues, Hackers, and Outcasts. Go to Mactan Base in the Magellan system. Save the game. Exchange your ship for a Dromedary. Purchase as much Cardamine as you can. Leave Mactan and go through the old jumpgate from Magellan to New York. Staying in the Badlands, fly from the jump gate to Buffalo Base. One there, sell all of the Cardamine. Leave, go back to Mactan, and repeat. By the time you can purchase a entire cargo bay full you will be making more than 100,000 credits each time.