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From Dust Cheats "Relic Locations" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Relic Locations

Find the following Relics by searching the corresponding locations:

The Breath - N/A
The Ritual - Hidden under dirt in the mountains.
The Roar of the Sea - N/A
The First Power - N/A
The Thousand Sources - Located on a hill that's near the Jellify Water power.
Wildfires - After moving your second Totem, find the relic above the location where you moved the second Totem to.
Waves - Located on a hill near the Jellify Water Totem.
High Tides - N/A
The Tears of Stone - Located on the back side of the volcano.
The Raging Earth - South of the Fire Repel Relic.
Emergence - Find this underwater in-between the spawn point and the Amplify the Breath Totem.
Movements - N/A
Origins - N/A

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