G-Force PC Cheats

Rating 5

Conserving ammunition

To conserve ammunition, use the Electro Whip. Save your weapons for enemies that are at further distances. Some flying enemies are difficult to hit with the electro whip. You can hit flying enemies with the electro whip if you are skilled in using it.

Rating 3

Secret Agent mode

To unlock Super Agent mode, complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Rating 2

Finding items

Get all items from every trashcan, chest, or box you find, especially the SaberSense Chips. The more SaberSense Chips you have, the more you can build them up to buy health, ammo, weapons, and upgrades from the Kiosks. Also, collecting ammo is helpful. Mooch can be useful; let him scour the areas for SaberSense Chips.

Rating 2

Easy wins

-Use the Nanohacker when in difficult situations. When you use the Nanohacker on an enemy, it will start to attack other enemies. They will retaliate, creating a temporary diversion that will help you plan your attack.

-Instead of trying to hide from enemies, use the electro whip on them.

Rating 0

Get more items from trash cans and chests

After hitting trash cans or chests to get items, if the lid closes you may hit it repeatedly until the lid remains completely open. Each time you hit the same trashcan, more items will appear for you to collect.