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Galactic Bowling Cheats "Steam achievements" (PC)


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Steam achievements

10 Turkeys - Hit 10 turkeys in Turkey Hunt.
710 - Pick up the 7 10 split without using the Split ball.
Bragging Rights - Played 1000 games.
Champion Among Friends - Win 5 online matches in a row.
Cookin' with Gas - Clear the gap in Warp using the Nitrous ball.
Flawless Finish - Bowl a perfect game in Regular Mode.
Full Credit - Unlocked all achievements.
Girls Night Out - Beat all male opponents with Kendra or Shaniqua in Single Player.
Globetrotter - Play All Earth Lanes.
Grommet - Played 100 games.
Ladies Man - Beat all female opponents with Max or John in Single Player.
Lane Master - Win 25 games online.
Leap of Faith - Jump the gap in Warp without using the Nitrous ball.
Look Mommy I won - Won your first game.
Master Chief - Win 100 games online.
Master Thief - Use the Steal whammy 5 times in one match.
Nemesis - Beat the same character you are in a multiplayer match.
Noob - Played 10 games.
On A Roll - Win 10 games online.
Partial Credit - Unlocked 50% of achievements.
Quick Willy - Get a strike with the Ghost ball against the Blocker whammy.
Shark Sandwich - Beat Max in Battle mode as the Shark in Australia.
Speedy Pinzales - Knock over 5 pins in Tilt mode.
Spin Doctor - Bowl a turkey using spin on all 3 strikes.
Star Trekker - Play All Galactic Lanes.
The Chosen One - Complete game on any difficulty without losing a match.
Triple Sacked - Bowl a turkey in any mode.
Try Try Again - Lost your first game.
Turkey Dinner - Win a multiplayer match using the turkey in Turkey Hunt.
Twinkle Toes - Get a strike during the Earthquake whammy.

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