Gangland PC Cheats

Rating 1

Getting married

Meet a girl and spend the money she asks for ($4,000 to about $18,000), then find a church. Do not go walk around with your girlfriend looking for one or you will get killed by your enemies. Send a scout out to do it. When you find a church, send your Boss and a bouncer or two, and a henchman or gunman there and get married. Then, return to the safe house. Have one or two henchmen stand guard at the windows (clicking on the henchmen or gunmen then right click on the desk). Sleep with your wife. Eventually you will either have a lawyer child, a seductress child or an enforcer child. Enforcers may be the best. Marry a sporty wife if you want better enforcer children. Seductresses are also useful. They can "convert" police and enemies to your side. Lawyers can hire people to work for you off the streets, instead of having to do it inside of a restaurant. Enforcers just kill. They can hold two Tommy guns while the other under bosses cannot carry any weapons.