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Garshasp: The Monster Slayer PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Akatash Slayer - Slay akatash.
Angry - Execute the first rage attack.
Combat Master - Fully upgrade the sword and the mace.
Counter Attack Master - Execute 100 counter attacks.
Counter Attacker - Execute the first counter attack.
Dragon Mace - Achieve the dragon mace.
God of the Sea - Kill Gandarava without getting hit.
Good Warrior - Finish the game in easy mode.
Health Conscious - Find the first Hoom seed.
Healthy - Find the fourth Hoom seed.
I am the Monster - Kill both Viamboor without getting hit.
Mace Fighter - Upgrade the mace.
Mace Master - Fully upgrade the mace.
Monster Killer - Kill 100 Enemies.
Monster Slayer - Kill 300 Enemies.
Natural Health - Finish the game without using any health fountains.
No Fear - Kill gandarava, the sea monster.
No Golden Crown - Kill hitasp.
No Underworld - Finish the game with no game overs.
Overcome Anger - Kill khishma.
Pahlevan - Finish the game in medium mode.
Perfect Body - Find the sixteenth Hoom seed.
Perfect Garshasp - Find all Hoom seeds and upgrade fully.
Perfect Rage - Hit 7 enemies with a rage attack.
Rafter - Do not get hit while rowing on the raft.
Rage in Blood - Execute 100 rage attacks.
Ruler of All - Kill Hitasp without getting hit.
Single Life - Finish the game without saving.
Sliding Lion - Do not get hit while sliding down in Jungle.
Sliding Panther - Do not get hit while sliding down in Siavoshgard.
Sliding Tiger - Do not get hit while sliding down in Ooshidaran.
Sword Fighter - Upgrade the sword.
Sword Master - Fully upgrade the sword.
The Ultimate Pahlevan - Finish the game in hard mode.
Trit - Find all Hoom seeds.
Viamboor Hunter - Kill both Viamboors.
Viamboor Killer - Kill viamboor.
Viamboor Master - Kill Viamboor without getting hit.

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