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Gemini Rue PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Diplomacy - Evade the Boryokudan rather than fight them
Geminis - Be able to control both Azriel & Delta-Six
Give me a Hard Copy - Analyze a photo using the terminal
Golden Gun - Complete all fights without losing any health
Good Samaritan - Heal the fellow Man on Barracus
Grade A Student - Complete all Center 7 Exams without any strikes
Mementos - Find all 6 hidden notes in Center 7
Memories - Access the Memory Database in the Director’s Office in Center 7
Research Paper - Find all Database Articles
Rue the Commentary - Complete the game once
Rue the Day - Complete the game once
Scavenger - Find all 3 extra ammo magazines
Space Cowboy - Find all 4 hidden Easter Egg Characters
Stair master - Take the stairs instead of the elevator
The Great Escape - Escape center 7 without losing any health

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Cowboy Bebop easter eggs

-Enter the apartment building at the back alley and go to the upper floor. Head right until reaching the end of the corridor to find Ed and Ein.

-Go to the apartments. Before continuing, return to the beginning of the game to interact with Spike Spiegal.-After curing Paul Erickson, return to the burnt-down hideout where you obtained the Carbon Ray Stabilizer to meet Faye Valentine.

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