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Godfather 2, The Cheats "Weapon Locations" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Weapon Locations

Find the following weapons in the corresponding locations on the specified levels:

Level 2
MP38 - Granados compound, florida on the second floor.
.44 Magnum Force - When attacking carmine rosato's compound in new york, go upstairs to find the Magnum on a desk.
Silenced Pistol - Ryan roth mission, florida. Located in the part where you rescue the soldier.
Spitzer Centerfire - Emilio's packing company, florida. Located on the rooftop. Use an engineer to cut the fence.
Sawed-off - Corleone's compound, new york. After leaving the compound through the main gate, go forward and turn left to find a hedge that can be burned with an arsonist. It is located behind it.

Level 3
Modified AK-47 - Battaglia masonry, cuba. There is a ladder that leads underground. Follow the tunnel.
.501 Magnum Enforcer - Battaglia quarry chop shop, cuba. Use the map to find the lighthouse where it located.
Delta M1911 silenced - Mangano's compound, florida on the second floor.
Vintovka SR-98 - Almeida compound, cuba on the second floor on a desk.
Schofield Semi-auto - Global storage chop shop, florida. Located inside a small warehouse on the right side of the island.

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