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Godfather, The Cheats "Compound hints" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Compound hints

-Before trying to take over a compound, equip ammo for all your guns or use a powerful gun to kill other gangsters and steal their weapons. You must also always make sure to take cover.

-When destroying rival family compounds, the best way is to up one building at a time. Make sure you have full ammo on all your weapons

-One of the best ways to take over a compound is by killing enemies from afar and working your way in. Enemies won’t respawn as long as you stay within one city block. Be sure to hide behind objects by crouching and shoot around corners. It’s also a good idea to upgrade at least two of the pistols.

-You can also run people over with your car before jumping out and using it as cover. Once inside the yard be sure to mow down any nearby enemies. If you have plenty of ammo, lure enemies outside by entering the house and shooting at the floor or any nearby enemy. Hide again and shoo them as they step outside. Now continue toward the basement and plant a bomb.

-Pick off gang members guarding businesses or compounds from a long distance. This way they can’t shoot back .

-Use the Street Sweeper or upgraded Tommy Gun to easily take out enemies. Dynamite and Molotov cocktails are also handy for blowing up road blocks.

-The Tattaglias in northeast Brooklyn should be your first attempt at taking on a compound since they’re the weakest family in New York. However, they’re still tough to beat and thus it’s recommended you try to take them on with caution.

- Find a fresh, undamaged car and blast through the roadblock by going to the far left or right. Keep driving and then use you car as a shield.

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