Godfather, The PC Cheats

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Weapon hints

-Don’t spend money on safe houses. Instead, save your money to buy clothing and weapons. The best weapons are expensive but always worth it. The following is a list of the best weapons and their price:

Saturday Night Special - $75,000
Assassin's Pistol - $200,000
Python - $250,000
Dillinger - $450,000
Street Sweeper - $500,000

- A level 3 pistol is perfect for taking over businesses since it works just like a semi-automatic gun, holds fourteen bullets, and has plenty of firepower. The level 3 shotgun has more firepower, holds more ammo, and is the best weapon to take over warehouses.

-The best guns  to buy are the level 2 Tommy gun level, Street Sweeper, Saturday Night Snubnose, extended clip Pistol, and Python. Drive warehouse trucks to make the money for these weapons.