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Gold And Glory: The Road To El Dorado Cheats "Get Past Sailor on Voyage To The New World, Part 3" (PC)


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Get Past Sailor on Voyage To The New World, Part 3

Although you are disguised as one of the crew, you will notice that the sailor polishing cannons still will not let you use his lamp oil or lamp. However, the sailor is completely scared of rats. Return to where Tulio is located. You will notice a rat running around. Go to the metal door on the floor, highlight it, and select the boat hook to keep it open. Then, highlight it again and select the biscuit. Once the rat has gone inside, highlight the trap again and select the sock to keep the rat in your pocket. After you have shown the sailor the rat, you are free to do whatever is needed. Note: In order for Miguel to get the boat hook, you must select Altivo while highlighting the trap.

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