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Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Using a text editor, edit the "ge3.ini" file in the "Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods/Ini" directory. Look for this entry:

Game  TestMode=false  

And change it to:

Game  TestMode=true  

Press ~ during game play to display the console window, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: Certain codes do not work if the game has been patched:


God mode - God
Invisibility mode - Invisibility
Learn all skills; lowers stats to 0 - Teach all
Kills selected target - Kill
Spawn indicated item - Give <item name>
Spawn indicated item - Spawn <item name>
Get indicated amount of gold; - Give gold <number>
Get indicated amount of gold; - Give money <number>
Get all items and skills - idkfa
Show commands - Help
Restore health - fullhealth
All armors - give Cat_Armor
All weapons - give Cat_Weapon
All artefacts - give Cat_Artefact
Control character - control
Control camera - watch
Set strength - teach STR <number>
Set dexterity (hunting skill) - teach DEX <number>
Set intelligence (ancient knowledge) - teach INT <number>
Set alchemy skill - teach ALC <number>
Set smith skill - teach SMT <number>
Set thief skill - teach THF <number>
Set health - teach HP <number>
Set mana - teach MP <number>
Set energy - teach SP <number>
Set learning points - teach LP <number>
-Additionally, the following keys are also activated by cheat mode:

Screenshot - F1
Windowed mode - F2
Framerate - F3
Unknown - F4
Quick save - F5
Fast time - F6
Slowdown time - F7
Reset Character - F8
Quick load - F9
Spawn flying dove or seagull - F11

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Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods PC Q&A

Answer from guitarhero0o0

In Trelis, one of its teleporter stones is located in the cave beneath the temple. Just go down there and you'll see it. not sure about Montera...

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Answer from cooldiddykong

Trelis stone is in the basement and Montera is in the warehouse (original Gothic 3 where the spy was)

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