Governor Of Poker PC Cheats

Rating 1

Level 1 hints

  • It is easier to play in the tournaments in San Saba than to play the pick up games. Simply finish third. When you do not have the Big Blind or Small Blind, you can fold without penalty. Unless you have an awesome hand, do not try your luck. Bide your time by folding and let the other players keep playing. Play cautiously enough to make it to the top three, then play aggressively and try getting chips out of the other players.

  • While low on cash and you want to play the pick up game, don't push your luck too hard. You must have over $200 to make any money. Once you make between $300 to $400, leave the table unless you are on a roll.

  • To defeat the best player in town, Ron Dixie, you must be aggressive. Rarely fold and almost always raise, especially when you have the chip advantage.

Rating 0

Easy King and Ace Of Clubs

While the dealer is dealing the cards, type pokerten. If timed correctly, you will get a King and Ace Of Clubs.

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Level 2 hints

  • For the next three towns, purchase all the buildings to be able to play the man for the wagon. The tournaments are tougher because you must finish in the top five players. You will not get far by just folding when you do not have the Small or Big Blind. You have to play at least one hand usually while you do not have the Small or Big Blind so you can keep up with the higher stakes.

  • When a pickup comes, go for it since you have at least a 70% chance of winning, as long as you do not bluff.

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Easy wins hints

  • Your opponents will usually call at an all in. Avoid wasting your money while bluffing. Stay in with the good cards or the BB. Note: Ron Dixie (San Sabra) is a bluffer.

  • After showing your cards and losing a good hand, immediately close the game and open it again. It will begin on the start of this last hand.

  • If you are losing every game, start a new day. When it is over, start again repeatedly. Do this as many times as you want. When you have enough money, buy the entire town then get a horse. Go to the map and travel to other available locations.