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Grand Theft Auto 2 Cheats "Finding tanks hints" (PC)


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Finding tanks hints

-There is a tank in area 1 found in the area around the Crane/Crusher in Altamont. Enter the area and turn left. When you see a small alleyway next to the water, go down it to find a tank. Enter it and a kill frenzy will start. After the timer runs out, you can use the tank for whatever you desire. Note: Do not exit the tank unless you have to; you will not be able to get back into it.

-To get another tank in area 2, go to the garage across from the building with the staircase neary to where you found the first tank. Drive up until you reach one-way traffic, then back to two-way traffic. Starting at that red light, turn on the next street. Drive briefly and the tank should be just off the road. To get to the tank you will have to get out of the car. Run on the start of the gray part on the side of the road.

-In area 2, there are two tanks. To get to the first one, go to the left from the start. Youu will be on a four lane highway. Go left on the road. Turn right on the first road to the car's right. You should be driving north (up) on a two lane road. When you get to the end of the road, turn right. You should quickly see a road to the car's left (north of you) running parallel to the road that you are on. Turn left on that road and you will be on a bridge. At the end of the bridge, you will see a tank in the alley to the car's right. To get to it, turn right on the first road and you will ithen see a large alley to the right. Follow the alley and to get to the tank. The second one is slightly more confusing to reach. As in the first tank, go to the left from the start and go left down the four lane road. Then, turn left on the third road, then turn right on the first road, then left on the first road. If you are on the correct street, you will be driving south and end up on a large ramp. Go on the ramp and you will fly into another ramp. Turn onto the second road to your left. That road turns left. Where it does, you will see a tank on the roof of a building. Proceed down the same street and turn on the first road to your left. When you reach an intersection, you will see a set of stairs leading to the roof. Go down into narrow passageway and follow the rooftops to get to the tank.

-To get a tank in area 3, go to the Zaibatsu Power Core.While driving along the street, look at the top of the screen. You should just about see a tank through the metal grid at the top. The entrance may be at the top of the compound but is very hard to get to.

-When starting on area 3, go to the first main road one screen left of your starting position. You are now in Tedium. Follow that road north until you reach Mad Island. Rednecks from the second island will be shooting at you constantly. Follow the road around to the left until you can no longer go north. There is a path that leads to the tank. You will have to make some building jumps and kill more rednecks to get over there. Once you do, you can just drive the tank up over the ramp it is next to.

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