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Steam achievements

Chapter 1- Big Deal! Complete all 10 levels of Chapter 1.
Chapter 2- No Sweat! Complete all 10 levels of Chapter 2.
Chapter 3- What A Breeze! Complete all 10 levels of Chapter 3.
Chapter 4- Smells Like Victory! Complete all 10 levels of Chapter 4.
Collectible Commando Gather all 40 collectibles.
Collectible Connoisseur Gather 20 collectibles.
Collectible Kid Gather your first collectible.
Death Defying Complete level 10 without dying.
Five In Five Complete level 5 in under 5 seconds.
Go Big Or Go Home! Complete level 23 without shooting a small shot.
Grav-I Will Survive! Complete any chapter without dying.
Gravi's Eleven Get in, get the collectible in level 11, and get out.
Keepin' It Cool Complete level 30 without dying.
Lickity Split Complete level 10 in under 37 seconds with the collectible.
Minimalist Complete level 14 without shooting more than twice.
No Mucks Given Complete level 40 without dying.
Perseverance Pays Die 100 times.
Playin' With Fire Complete level 20 without dying.
Pro-Gravi Defeat Anti-Gravi once and for all.
The Floor Is Spikes! Complete the last puzzle of level 18 wihout touching the middle island.
Trifecta Take every path through level 22.
Use The Force Complete level 18 without retracting a single shot.
Variety In Death Die from every trap type (Spikes, Teslas, Burners, Lava, Acid, Grinders, and Crushers).
What Does The Scouter Say? Accumulate a total score over 9000.
Who Goes There? Take the toothy path in level 22.
You Can Do It! Die 100 times in one level.

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