Grim Fandango PC Cheats

Rating 4

Manny's re-appearing cap glitch

At the start of Year 3, Manny will wear a cap. Press I to enter the inventory. Exit the inventory and notice that Manny has lost his cap. Enter the ship and he will be wearing his cap again.

Rating 1

LucasArts cameos

Go to Rubacava in years 2, 3, or 4 and enter the tattoo parlor. Go to the back room with the refrigerator and examine the poster with tattoo designs next to the cabinet. Max (from Sam And Max) and the Corley Motors logo (from Full Throttle) are featured as small designs on the poster.

Rating 1

Invisible characters glitch

Save the game during an intermission sequence (such as when Carlie comes to claim the suitcase from Manny), then load that saved game. Some characters will be invisible, and you can only see the face of the character when it speaks.

Rating 1

Exploding Manny

Type blam when walking. Manny will explode before coming back together.

Rating 0


Instead of dying, you get sprouted by Hector. When this happens, use the liquid nitrogen from the tattoo parlor on yourself.

Rating 0

Color pause with no characters glitch

Press F1 to pause game play, then press ALT + TAB to go to the Windows Desktop. Go back to the game and you will notice that the previously black and white paused screen will now be in color. Also, all characters will have disappeared.