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New Eggs

Using the apothecary's egg lab in Greenwich Square, create the following eggs by using the corresponding combinations:

Green Dragon Egg - Blue Dragonfly Egg + Green Dragonfly Egg
Ruby Gryphon Egg - Red Dragonfly Egg + Gryphon Egg
Purple Dragon Egg - Red Dragonfly Egg + Green Dragon Egg
Gold Goose Egg - Gold Dragonfly Egg + Goose Egg
Firebird Egg - Gold Dragonfly Egg + Icebird Egg

Magic Egg Effects:
Your pets will sometimes lay magic eggs under the Medium or Insane difficulty setting. These eggs will glitter. The following eggs have the corresponding effects:

Blue/White Egg - Feeds all pets, cures all poisoned pets.
Red/White Egg - Feeds all pets.
Yellow/White Egg - All pets lay an egg.
Purple/White Egg - Kill all monsters.
Black/White Egg - Kill some of your pets.
Black/Green Egg - Poison some of your pets.
Rainbow Egg - Feed all pets, cure all poisoned pets, all pets lay an egg, kill all monsters; only appears under the Insane difficulty.

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