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Gun Cheats "Hollister strategies" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Hollister strategies

-Sneak up on him and shoot him once, then run off and get behind a rock on top of risen ground in the middle of the arena. When he circles the rock you are behind, be sure to circle as well. He will eventually stop and yell at you to come out, then pace back and forth slowly while you hide behind your rock. When he stops and is not facing you, shoot him in the head. Perform this until the point that he becomes too smart to fall for it again. By then, his health should be low enough so that you can run out and unload on him while strafing. After his health is down all the way, there will be a intermission sequence. Look at your compass at the bottom of the screen; he is the red dot. Find him and he will run at you. Run, but keep firing at him with your pistols and he will blow up

-Use Quickdraw with your Dual Peacemakers to make him explode.

-When starting the mission, you will be looking at the Indians and Soapy. Start going to the right and go up the ramp-like hill a short distance. He will first throw TNT, then stand there and do nothing. When you are in a crouched position, shoot at him and he will not move.

-It is recommended that you purchase the shotgun speed loader, extra shotgun ammunition capacity, and the extra health slot upgrades. When you start the fight, Hollister knows where you are. Sneak up into the rocks as he will not know where you are until you reveal yourself for the first time. Once you do, he will know your location for the rest of the fight. Keeping that in mind, sneak up on him without being seen and with your shotgun equipped and fully loaded. Once you are behind him, get as close as you can without being seen and blast him as fast as possible. Be sure to drink your whiskey when your health gets low. Note: This works under the normal and easy difficulty settings with no shotgun upgrades purchased.

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