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Gun Cheats "Reed strategies" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Reed strategies

-Never let Reed out of your sight as he gains life when he is alone.

-Before starting the mission, go back to Empire City and Dodge City to get as many weapon upgrades as possible. Do about 60 to 70 percent of the side missions beforehand and mostly use the upgrades for the rifle, bow, and the health upgrade for your horse. Once you bring these stats up, go to the mission and defeat Hollister again. Then, defeat Magruder's riders. After that, open the safe and Reed will show up. You will start behind a rock. Take out the newly acquired rifle obtained from Hollister, then get on the horse to the left and chase after him. Keep shooting him. It takes about three minutes to kill him. Do not lose sight of him, or his health will go up.

-Use the bow and arrows and make sure you are full up on whiskey. When you hit him with the first arrow, he won't run. He will continue to fire at you, though not as often. Just launch one arrow after another (several are required) until his life drains away and he falls off the horse.

-Corner Reed while he is on his horse, then quickly get of your horse and run up to start using the melee. Make sure to heal and he will soon die.

- Try to stay behind Reed and aim for his head with the double-barreled shotgun.

-Use Quickdraw to kill his henchman as Reed runs around as they do more damage than he does. Once they are gone, use your rifle to chip his health low. Score a head shot and his head will splatter. Note: During the cinematic where Coles puts the barrel in his mouth, there will be nothing but a neck. Also, the area where his head should be will have the Gun logo; a skull and Peace Makers.

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