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Gunz The Duel Cheats "Easy kills hints" (PC)


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Easy kills hints

-During a solo deathmatch, find two people fighting. Wait for a few seconds for them to weaken each other, then kill one (or at least do some damage to him), and then the other. If they are close together, toss a grenade. This should kill them both, as they should be weakened.

-When you can, use the sword right click to slash your opponent into the air. When they fall to the ground, they will stay there for a couple seconds. Immediately equip any gun and shoot your opponent while he or she is on the floor. When they are on the floor, it only takes about three shots to kill them, even using the Raven 50 pistol.

-Go to naked games and use rockets or breakers. The Avenger works also well if you have good aim. Generally, naked games are in the castle map (must be over level 21). There is a tunnel on one side of the bridge. Most people normally fight there, and there is nowhere to hide if it is full of people. Kills will be fast.

-When starting the game, hide behind a wall where your enemy cannot see you, but you can still see them. Toss a grenade not far from you, then hide behind the wall again. When they move towards you, and are just a few steps away, jump out again and attack them with your sword.

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