Half-Life: Blue Shift PC Cheats

Rating 5

Level Names

Use the following entries with the map code:


Rating 4

Play as Gordon Freeman

Enable the /thirdperson code to change your screen into third person view. You will see the player as Gordon Freeman instead of Calhoun, activate the /firstperson code to return to normal.

Rating 4

Programmer references

At the start, when you go to the Personal Facilities to get into your uniform, go to the restroom stalls. One will be locked. Activate the noclip code and go through the door. Look at the back of the door. One of the game's programmers will be pictured there. This occurs again after you and Dr. Rosenberg go down the elevator. At the room where you some out of the elevator, there will be a fallen vent. Once again, enable the noclip code to go through the vent. At the end of it, you will see the same image.

Rating 4

Guard showdown

Start a new game and before the train stops moving, activate the impulse 101 code. While the guard is trying to open the locked door, press [F6] to do a quick save. Get a weapon (pistol or crowbar recommended) ready. When he opens the door, wait for him to open the door on the other side of the room. Once that is open, shoot his foot. He will say something along the lines of "What do you want on your tombstone?", etc. and begin to shoot you. He will kill you if you do not kill him first. If you kill him, you will not get into trouble (and keep playing normally afterwards). Press ESC and load the game that you quick saved. Do the same thing, and he will say something different. At times, he will not attack. Do not do this with any other guard; when you shoot them you will be fired for mishandling a firearm.

Rating 3

Crazy guard

Start a new game and, when you enter the main room, go to the bathrooms. Look for a guard who is getting ready for work. Note where he is then immediately get your armor and helmet on and run to the nearest sink. The guard will start to approach your sink. When he is starting to get close, turn on the sink by pressing USE and move away so he can use it. While he washes, get directly behind him and start pressing USE about once every half second. He should be saying "Calhoun, I'm…", "Shouldn't you be on?", "Swing by later and…", etc. so he gets cut off every time. Soon, he will say"Ouch, Ooof, Arrgh, Ouch". Back away, the screen will turn black, and will say that you hurt or killed someone with a firearm, and will start over. What makes this interesting is that you have no gun when this happens.

Rating 3

Fun with spawning

Enable cheat mode, then use the entities code to get a list of the creatures in the location you are currently in. Normally, when you try to spawn a creature, you have to use the noclip code to levitate in the air and spawn the creature nowhere near any objects. If a part of a spawned creature is spawned within a wall, ceiling, or another creature, the game crashes. However, if you enable the developer 0 code, the game keeps going even if a spawned creature is stuck, but the creature has yellow dots around it. Also, bind the spawn commands to unused keyboard keys; for example bind X "impulse 76" or bind y "give monster_scientist". The impluse 76 code works everywhere, and the hostile grunts created with it are easy to place where you want them; as they appear in front of you, rather than above. After that, enable the noclip code and fly around pressing the bound keys. Watch as Barney's Aliens and Grunts battle it out while Scientists run around being slaughtered.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Start the game with the "-console" command line parameter. Press ~ to display the console window, then enter sv_cheats 1 before loading a game or level to enable cheat mode. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

God mode - god
No clipping mode - noclip
All weapons - impulse 101
Set gravity; 800 is default - sv_gravity
Set jump distance; 10 is default - sv_accelerate
Set skill level; 1 is easiest - skill <1-3>
Toggle third person view - chase_active <0 or 1>
Level select - map

Rating 1

Suicide scientist witness

In the main lobby, go to the scientist talking to the guard. After they're done speaking, follow the scientist to the top of the main lobby. When he goes to the side of the rail, jump over it. He will look down and say "My God, what are you doing?". When he says this, you should say in your head, "Killing myself". You can refill on health by going back up there and getting some drinks from the venders.

Rating 1


The flashlight, on any level, doesn't always work. If yours does not, make your screen resolution larger. If this still has no effect, pause game play, turn it on, and continue that way. Do the same to turn it off.

Rating 1

Kill Gordan Freeman

On the train (where you start), enable the noclip and impulse 101 codes. When the train drop you off at the little platform, look at the platform that you just passed. Fly over there and, if you get there soon enough, pull out your crowbar. Hit him until he explodes.

Rating 1

Kill Dr. Rosenberg and keep playing

After he says "I just want to get out of here," shoot him in the head and kill him. The message "Employee assumed to have perished..." will appear and the screen will turn black. When the elevator stops, the screen will light up again, but the message will remain on the screen for a couple seconds. Play as long as desired in the lab, but do not go back up the elevator or kill Simmons or Walter.

Rating 0

Secret box

Activate the impulse 101 code. While in the main room, go to the bathrooms and open your locker. Take out a powerful weapon or a crowbar and crouch down and start beating (or shooting) the box. After beating the box with a crowbar over 50 times, or shooting it with a laser or some other powerful weapon, it will break open. There will be a small live alien in the box. You cannot do anything to it except look at it.

Rating 0

See Gordon Freeman

-Right after getting out of the tram and the guard is having trouble opening the door, turn around. Eventually, another tram will pass by with Gordon Freeman inside it, which is the start of Half-Life.

-After you finally get in the locked door at the start, find the strips on the walls which will lead you to different areas such as the armory and personal facilities. Find the one which reads "Video Surveillance". Follow it to a security room which will have monitors. Go up to each one of the monitors and press "Use". One should show the shooting range and another will show a female in a hazard suit pushing a cart. However, one of the monitors will show Freeman arriving at the Anomalous Materials lab. He will walk past another scientist, who will say "Good morning Gordon".